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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Speaking Japanese

I dug out my Japanese textbook to do a revision before my trip and a very yellow piece of paper scribbled with Japanese phrases fell out. Skip this if you are below 21.

Kimiga Nama Ewa= What is your name?

Hajimemashite = Nice to meet you (first meeting only)

Ogenki Desuka = How do you do

Koneko Chan= Sweet Pussycat

Kimiga Kissu Amai = Your kiss is sweet

Kimiga Bagina Amai = Your XXssy is sweet

Kimiga Oppai Monde Yi Desuka= Can I squeeze your brXXsts?

Bokuwa Nodo Kawaita Dakara Kimiga Bagina/Oppai suku desuka? (BOY, is this LONG. Try saying it in ONE BREATH) = My throat is thirsty, can you let me sXXk your _____/_____ (if you read the above two, you can figure it out)

Bokuwa Onaka Suita Dakara Kimiga bagina taberu desuka? = My stomach is hungry, so can you let me eat your XXssy?

Oisine= Delicious!

Bokuwa Kimiga Aisteru = I Love you!

Yorusku, Ja = Nice to meet you (parting), Bye!

That piece of paper is yellow due to its age, not stains (thankfully!). The boys in a single-sex school absolutely have too much hormones raging. I wonder where they learnt all this, I’m not even sure if they are accurate. Perhaps you can try and see if you get slapped by a Kawaii girl. I have no use for it, but still, I kept this piece of paper just for amusement.

I hope you got amused too.

P.S check back after the 20th, I’m sure to bring Tokyo’s fashion, food and weird to you.

Food for thought: i believe Singaporean men tend to prefer Japanese porn because its more realistic. Not the sick antics, but the girls, the size, the bush...its more like Asian women. I suppose the size of the Japanese man's member also makes them feel a little better (maybe, maybe not). Don't quote me! LOL.

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