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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs changed the Dating World.

We all woke up to some iSad news today where Steve Jobs have gone to the real iCloud. Some great quotes were circulating the cyber space, my favourite to sum this man up was
“Steve born out of wedlock, adopted at birth, dropped out of college but went on to change the world.”
With that quote, it made me feel mediocre. I was blessed to be born into a complete family with average income, have my limbs intact and senses complete. I feel ashamed I haven’t done more.

Steve is quite a looker when he is young; this was the rediscovered 1984 video of him introducing the first Mac ever. With my home computer a Mac and my office desktop a lap top, I kind of forgot what a PC is already. Then I remembered PC came with CPUS. I expected Mac to be the norm and nothing less.

I was resistant to converting to the iPhone for 3 generations. But when I did, it changed my world.
#ThankYouSteve for apps like Fake Call to get out of bad dates. 
Too often I had been readily available for the man I like that they take me for granted. To keep men wanting, you need to be unavailable. With Fake-a-Call, I can pretend I am at a really happening place when Mr. Potential calls. I can be at the club with my girlfriends (and being hit on by other Potentials); I can be at a sports event (I have a life that don’t revolve around you). Even though I really am home alone on a Friday night, unwanted.
Fake-a-Call also allows me to get out of hairy situations if I want to cut our socializing time short. I can tell a bad date, “Sorry, boss called. I got to go to work now! Yes, at MIDNIGHT!”

#ThankYouSteve for apps like Talk-O-Metre that measures how one-sided a conversation is. It made me dump that egoistic jerk.

Then, there is the Talk-O-Metre ($4.99). It is a chat-monitoring app that shows when someone is dominating a conversation. After a brief calibration, the app can recognize who is speaking and keeps track of each person’s talk time. Often, when you are smitten with someone you may be blinded by “love” to realize he is a self centered person. You will face the hard truth with this iPhone app. 
 Pity it can’t measure empty vessels so I know he is providing intelligent conversations. Oh wait; I think I can use my brain to measure that.

#ThankYouSteve for apps that can measure bad breath and body fat so it won't be surprising to find moobs.

Some people mask their bad breath with mints without knowing that sugar makes their breath stink even more. In the event of me having a flu that day, I may not be able to detect bad breath of a first date from across the table, I can use this app discreetly.

NTT DOCOMO Japan is preparing an app that can measure radiation levels in the surrounding, if you smell of alcohol (creep back home unsuspectingly) or under UV light that can harm the skin.

The final, here’s one for the boys. AXE Auto Romeo (free) is for the players. An iPhone app made easy for men to pay attention to lots of girls, all at the same time or all of the time. It does this by automatically sending personalized messages that pay attention to them on your behalf.
If you have a few different girls on the go at once, things can get tricky. When you spend time with one girl, the other will feel left out. How do you make sure all the girls in your life get the attention they deserve? Axe Auto Romeo offers a simple solution. Simply answer a few questions about the girls in your life and it will use this information to create personalised romantic messages. It will generate messages that you can send so the lady in question will know you’re thinking about them.

Axe Auto Romeo has three different flirt levels so you can decide how steamy the messages are. If you don’t know the lady very well, you may want to set it on warm and see what develops. If you’re already well acquainted with the lady, hot or steamy may be more effective.
Steve Jobs created the iPhone which revolutionized mobile apps. iPhone changed the dating world.

#ThankYouSteve for making me not look where i walk.One day,i'll knock into my Prince Charming.If i don't meet him @Facebook first.

“3 apples changed the world. The 1st tempted Eve. The 2nd inspired Newton. And the 3rd was offered to the world half eaten by Steve Jobs.”



Akid Lee said...

nice one chris..

Anonymous said...

Aww thanks but i bet u can share cooler apps being so techie!

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