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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Cave Adventure in Cheddar Gorge

When you are a fan of horror movies like The Descent

or absolutely adore movies like Sanctum

A real caving expedition is a must do when you visit Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, Great Britain. For 21 pounds, I crawled, climbed and slided like in the movies.

Cameras were not encouraged for the expedition because we're warned that we'll get REAL dirty!
Are you going to find out what's behind that URL?
Spotted it at The Central, Clarke Quay.
 Plus we'll be crawling on our bellies or backs and plenty of tight squeezes that scrape your sides, a camera will be a burden. But i'm a cam whore blogger!
Before, look how clean our overalls are.

After, a collection of dust and mud.

Cheddar Gorge was one of my favourite activities. It was quite a workout and i got blue-blacks all over my knees after. Turning off the torches, it was pitch darkness. For a moment, i allowed my imagination run wild. Thinking of The Descent was NOT a good idea.

The last few scenes of the above video was not part of the caving expedition. They are lit up areas of other caves with walking paths you can visit as part of an all-access ticket (18 pounds). Most of the time  the instructor made us go the claustrophobic way while he just got up and walked round the rocks to meet us on the other side. While we huffed and puffed our way, he took the "secret passage". That's the caving experience for tourists.

Cave explorers however leave no markings, they rely on memory to find their way out (exactly the same way in). Marry a cave explorer, he'll never forget your birthday or anniversary.

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