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Monday, June 1, 2009

Do Singaporeans dress badly?

Before i start on the fashion faux pas of Singaporeans, let me first state that alot of my foreign friends feel Singaporean girls are the epitome fashionistas in Asia. The Hong Kongers and Taiwanese prefer Singaporean girls because they can dress well (I thought the Hong Kong and Taiwan females would dress better. Apparently, the locals don't think that way. What we thought was what we saw on TV). They saw us as "fiery".

The Europeans, they like Singaporean girls because they wear flirty sexy dresses unlike their girls because of the cold weather almost all year round.

So, the foreigners pretty much think Singaporeans dress well. However, that can't be said of our men. They're pretty much always dressed down. And then stereotypically, if a Singaporean man dresses a little bit more formal in a club, the girls assume he is a foreigner (as my Singaporean male friend tells).

So when Singaporean men dress a little better, they are deemed as 1) metrosexual, 2) poseur or 3) foreigner.

My opinion on Singaporean men is neutral (the only thing the bf probably has to say is all of them seem to have the same haircut!) I would think its the Korean influence.

However, i can give my opinions of the fashion sense of Singaporean women...behold...the Dos and Don'ts of Fashion.

1) Ankle Boots
To me, even the celebrities can't carry off ankle boots with bare legs (unless with jeans or leggings). I've seen them in Singapore and not only do we laugh at people who wear boots in our humid weather, we cringe when its ankle boots. It makes your legs look short.

2) Latex leggings
Did you run out of allowance to use thrash bags as leggings? This is the second thing that i feel even celebrities cannot carry off. This trend hasn't really taken off yet here, but i have seen some already starting it. Pleeeeeease, don't.

Then again, if you do, i still applaud you your boldness in making a statement. We need less copycats.

3) High Waist Belts
I think almost every girl owns one now. It is a great accessory to instantly jazz up your outfit and give a better defined waist. Australia started it 2007, my mother wore it in the 70s. But you know what? My male friend told me he thinks the high waisted belt is not flattering. In fact, i've heard more than 1 man say that. What do men know?! Bah.

4) High waisted stuff

Again, this is very in trend but my male colleague the other day just said the body looks short with these high waisted stuff. The men just don't get it.

5) Dressing like a slut
A personal rule i'd like to follow almost religiously is to not show your top while flashing your lower half. Do it with class, and not with crass.

6) Grooming
Both men and women need grooming. Don't end up like Cecilia Cheung.

7) Visible Panty Lines
Butt cracks are a big boo-boo.
Gotcha! That picture wasn't a real butt crack. It was created in between my knees.I've seen countless girls flashing their ass while squatting or sitting around Orchard. If it is unintentional, it's forgivable but i think everyone needs to be mindful of it. Some even purposely show off their tong underneath! Low-waisted jeans are very bad for the back, so maybe the high waisted fashion is a good thing.

This reminds me, see through bras are also a no-no. Remember, do it with class not crass.

When i was in secondary school, there was this girl who developed earlier than we did. And to show that off, she wore coloured bras with bright prints to flaunt. And when she gets drenched in the rain on the way to school, she acts all shy and embarrassed but i bet she was secretly pleased as she thrust her chest out.

How we called her a slut but secretly envied her chest.
I almost got a wedgie!

8) If you want to go fake, do your research.
Almost everyone in the train has a Gucci bag. From the young girls to the aunties to the grannies. I give them the benefit of the doubt of it being the real thing, it's not a crime carrying a fake if you really want to be brand conscious. But if you do want to carry a fake, do your research!! So you know what REALLY exists and not become a laughing stock like Rick Ross who wore a fake LV glasses on a magazine that soon received a lawyer's letter from LV. You know how these labels take piracy seriously.

9) Being Real

Singaporean women are well sought-after by many men. But i always joke with them what if after unwrapping the present, then they find out its not what it seems? Singaporeans are so updated with fashion "helps" in the market that image is no longer kept real. Fake eyelashes, push-up bra, girdles, double eyelid stickers, make-up etc.

Here's what i mean...

10) Lastly, wearing PJs out

It has been a trend, but not quite rampant yet. Mainly because Singaporeans are still pretty much conservative. I personally own a few corsets and nighties that is good to wear in public, but still, i am not daring enough. In my mind, it's still lingerie. And i wouldn't know how the boyfriend would react! There are a handful of women who do it, what do you think of them?

Sex-pots or bad taste?

I think women can definitely wear their PJs out provided its not translucent but please wear a bra! They can also wear big sleep shirts out with a high waist belt and tights or leggings. Men, however...i'm afraid their boxers and ah pek stripey PJs will have to stay home.
I think i'll stick to non-PJs clothes for public for now. But i did see a lace-silk nightie last Saturday in a lingerie shop that makes me feel almost confident to wear it out in public. So maybe, i will.

Watch this space.

P.S the Great Singapore Sale has started, you should have scoured before it started so you know exactly what you want and don't have to wait in queue for the changing room. Next year perhaps! Unlucky for me...i will need to do my shopping in Japan :p


Anonymous said...

hi there, i really like this post about fashion and how u tie it to the SIngapore scene. Might b a good idea for u to have regular post on trends and fashion in Singapore. Just a thought. =)

Chrispy Tine said...

thanks for the encouragement :) i love fashion and pretty things..but i do not have the discipline to write about it when inspiration strikes, i will type :)

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