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Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Bug's Sex Life.

The Green Porno DVD caught his sight as i was packing my bags. His raised his eyebrow and whispered, "You're taking that with you?"

I gave a wave nonchalantly and said, "It's not what you think."
I had the DVD 3 years back but because of its title, i never had a chance to play it at home, in a living room of 5 with my parents who'll probably frown at mild PDA.

Last night, after 3 years, i played it, in the privacy of my studio apartment, in anticipation.

Thankfully, the DVD still worked. My eyebrows couldn't go any higher as i watched the series of short films. I chuckled silently to myself as Isabella Rossellini delivered comically how insects mate with elaborate cardboard cut-outs and foam-rubber sculptures. It's a grey line whether it's for children viewing, while it's very educational at the incredible variety of mating insects have, Isabella made it very scandalous by putting thought-starters how similar humans are in our mating behaviour.

The information will probably be archived into my Dewy classification 069 Random knowledge.
How Bees Mate
Male bees mate in mid-flight, leaving their cock in the wine bottle so no one else's drinks and die.
                                                           How Praying Mantis Mate
We all know that the female praying mantis eats the male after copulating, but we didn't know that if we're a stickler for accuracy  it happens WHILE mating.

How Earthworm Mate

In 69.

How Snails Mate

Snails are pretty sick and deviant. They like putting their faces in asses and sadomasochism turns them on. 

How Dragonfly Mate

Like a double-standard male chauvinist.

Did you find them educational? Do you see the similarities of human and insect? If human can't practice monogamy or think twice about risking "cock" (divorce, broken families, diseases) just to have sex, we're no different from insect aren't we?
I shared my discovery with my new friends. They found me strange.

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