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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Art of Posing

As the voting for  Omy Blog Awards is coming to an end (5 more days), to honour the category as well as my reader Annie who nominated me, allow me to share my humble opinion of the art of posing!

I have had my fair share of awkard posing.
Tilted my head abit too much, and end up smelling my armpits. See here. The WORST pose i've ever done was this....look, i even drew on curly armpit hair to illustrate.
My armpits are now proudly IPL-ed, FYI.

Low angles give you a double chin, even if you're not fat. That's how tabloids sell magazines of celebrities in their worst. See my own example here.

So avoid these mistakes, be picture perfect with these red carpet moves (without need of photoshop after!):

Elongate your legs and an hour-glass figure. 'Nuff said.

90% of the time, girls place them on their hips, which is Paris Hilton's signature pose. It's extremely flattering as it causes you to push your hips forward, pull your shoulders back and draws attention to your waistline, that is, if you are standing at a 45 degree angle. Sounds like science isn't it? This is the most common pose, which makes it bOOOring!

Especially in a group picture, like a beauty pageant with androids, you won't stand out. So i suggest clasping your hands like Nicole Kidman. Classy, elegant and it hides sweaty palms.
If your dress isn't full-length then a coy crossing of your knees is a good way to thin down your bottom half, which makes you seem taller and thinner. Be careful not to stand with your feet too far apart though, as this will make you appear short and awkward.

Lean your body weight for a curve. Just like how you'd quell a fart.
This is a great pose to draw attention to your butt, shoulders and back, a much-used move by Renee Zellweger and my favourite. It's also a brillant way to show off the back of your dress. The best way to carry out this pose is to push your shoulders slightly forward as you look back, rest your elbows on your hip and let your fingers trail down your thigh.
And if you ever fall down while walking down the carpet, remember to fall with grace as the flashlights continue strobing.
Now go out and dazzle the crowd!


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