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Friday, April 24, 2009

Pet Names Part 2.

Talking about real pets now...SPCA recently had a huge spike in unwanted pets due to the recession. I won't go into moral talk because that's boring. Actually, do you get a pet just because its cute? What if your baby is not cute. Do you then abandon it?
But ok, maybe i cannot compare humans and animals.
Nonetheless, these are the top 3 dogs i will adopt... because they are just....
That is...if mum allows a dog.

I want a dog so badly that during my childhood days being deprived, i filled that void with all sorts of pets.

Tortoises,fishes, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits i had them all. Although they weren't my choice of pets. They were all abandoned, i mean, given. And they all died....the terrapin showed us its new trick, by flipping over when placed upside down. Being young and playful, we flipped it over one day and forgot about it. It couldn't flip before dinner time. So it died.

Another one crawled into the hole in the kitchen and never saw the light again. Then i saw the video of the turtles mating and oh my, why have i not seen it when i was rearing them!! My tortoises have zero sex drive.
Fishes died naturally or just got eaten (by bigger fishes, not us). Guinea pigs died naturally, followed by the rabbits (knowing how close they were) but my brothers insisted i killed the black rabbit. Just because i bathed it. The birds died because my dad sunned it (thinking it needs Vitamin D). Then my brothers bought meal worms and we built a playground for it. They grew into beatles and flew away.

But I had the BEST MEMORIES with my hamters. I LOVE HAMSTERS! My first one was abandoned, no i mean, given by my primary school teacher when i was 9. Ms Diana Tien came to my house with its cage and all (actually, i can't remember why she chose me. I must be her favourite! I think i was. Course she was my English teacher and i was ALWAYS more chummy with my English teachers).
It was a fluffy white male. Looked like a crazy scientist. And it peed in its food bowl. Ms Tien said it was probably frightened from the car ride. How i bought a leash. And walked him, or rather he walked me under the void deck everyday.
Then i bought him a female..and so the family tree started. I love hamsters because they are SO GREEDY! I love feeding them. They are such fat fur balls. I bought hamster cheese, hamster chocolate, hamster sticks, all variety! Spent much of my allowance on hamster food. Then i realised they eat EVERYTHING! Including the household's leftover cooked rice.
The only thing i was reluctant to spend on were hamster cages. The fancy ones with all those fun stuff inside. Because...i built them their playground with recyclables!
Toilet rolls, legos, doll houses etc.
The babies came and i saw babies eaten, baby body parts around, blood and even deformed babies. I tell you, i was SO sad when i saw one baby born without a leg. And 1 baby fell from the table (took it out when it had a little fur and eyes were already opened) and therefore became paralysed waist down. I felt SO TERRIBLE. Saw it bullied by the rest when they push him away from the mother's nipples. So i spoon-fed him.
He was such a champion, he actually lived till a ripe old age. But his legs miraculously became well again, though weak. Maybe as he grew up, his bones strengthened so that fall didn't really paralysed him. I was GLAD i didn't conduct mercy killing when he was a baby and i felt so painful seeing him suffer. I had wanted to make him CRUTCHES!
I even saw mummy in labour! I was a very curious girl. When i have nothing to do, i sit outside and watch my hamsters sleep, eat, mate.
So one day, i peeped in and i SAW her pushing and wincing in her little house. REALLY! I could feel her pain. Do you think animals feel pain like humans do when in labour?
But alot of animals that i see on Animal Planet were expressionless when they were in labour. The females are usually VERY fierce. I saw how my female killed 2 males. They probably wanted to mate, no, rape her. So she tore their jaw and ripped their balls. No kidding.
I wish digital cameras were in trend then, i would have captured more pictures. But then, it was only film.
I had SO MANY hamsters that i started selling them (only successful once or twice)before people stopped wanting them. Then i had to give them away (surprise gift on my classmate's table). Then i had to persuade my teacher to allow class pets. Finally, pet shops took in my unwanted babies.
It was fun seeing the different colours come out. I was already an expert in cross-breeding them. They mate like there's no tommorrow. It's INCEST. And it turns me on. Not the incest part, but the mating part.
Then, i had to be the smartie and suggest to Bel to bring over her DWARF to mix with my SYRIAN (the big one) so we can have an in-between. My hamster killed hers. It was startled when the little one approached, when it gently swiped, the force was so strong, the dwarf flew to the other side of the cage.
Later i found out from the pet shop, it is impossible to cross dwarfs and syrians. He said even if it was possible, what will come out is just a breathing PIECE OF MEAT. What the......
I miss having hamsters. I think to date, i had 30 hamsters. Maximum 12 at one point. I only hated cleaning the cage oh-so-damn-regularly.
I now have a dwarf rabbit and its rabid. Absolutely nuts. Looks so innocently sweet but attacks you randomly. Only Ivan can tame her.
P.S i am not cruel to animals although i spoke about death. Its all part and parcel of life.
P.P.S there should be round 2 of my clothes. Thank you for your supportive response, i was pleasantly surprised :)

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