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Monday, March 19, 2012

Life of a Club Med GO

Club Med is infamous for its pay one price, eat all you can, play all you can concept. I've long heard about Club Med and have been wanting to get there so i was stoked about going, finally.

However, upon getting there, I was a tad disappointed. With so much hype about Club Med, I expected absolute luxury like Banyan Tree or JW Marriot, Mai Khao.

Alas, the superior room was as simple as can be (no toothbrush, room slippers and bathrobes provided). I later on found out, that that was done on purpose because the Club Med concept discourages guests from retreating into their room or being reclusive!
Which suits me fine, because most of my holidays I stay as budget as can be, noting that a hotel is merely a bed to sleep. Some so Spartan that I jump and shake off droplets of water after a bath because I forgot to bring my own towels.

Thus, the hefty price you pay at Club Med is more for the gluttony, child care center (if you have children, dump them there and go have fun), nightly performances, alcoholic anonymous and guided sports.
The international buffet spread is pretty impressive. A wide variety with featured main courses where chefs cook on the spot for you, nicely garnished and placed on individual plates. Calories and nutritional information are also supplied with each dish, Club Med's clientele can be quite image and body conscious!
After all, Club Med do have that unofficial nick of "Temptation Island" where singles flock to these beach resorts, under the influence of free flow alcohol, make merry.
Turkey Club Med and the Caribbean Club Med are for single adults only.

Condoms are provided as amenities in these Club Med resorts.

Guests at Club Med are called GM, Gracious Members and hosts are called GO, Gracious Officers. Gracious they are, what makes them different from other hotel's guest officers are that they can sit, eat, play and party with you. This is why many GO's are young, tanned and good looking.

Work and play? A Club Med GO represents that.

A Club Med GO starts work at 8.30am and officially ends at 9pm but most of them usually party at the bar or on the beach with GM. This creates friendship, bonds and much more throughout the course of your stay.

GO(s) service contract is renewable every 6 months, gets 1 day off a week and 21 days annual leave. It is very ideal for people who want to take a hiatus off the corporate world or graduates who want to travel and work! Working hours may be long, but what makes Club Med special is you aren't standing all day, expressionless and doing routine work at the Hyatt. If you fancy a swim with your guest, you do it! If your guest asks you to join him for a meal, you do it!

GO(s) get full board and live on the resort with room service. If you get assigned the Maldives or Caribbean resorts, that means living on an island!

Club Med Phuket is right on the beach front.
Across the road, is one of the better massage parlour along the stretch. At Sgd 12 an hour for a full body Thai massage, it has proper beds, partitions and masseuse. They even serve complimentary tea after your treatment and wash your feet before.
 Then further up on the left is a Muay Thai boxing school which you can watch a practice match or two.
There are some shops around, but they aren't anything to shout about.
My favourite snack in Phuket! It's roti prata, but crispier!
Patong is a 20 min taxi ride away and costs about 500 baht for a party of 4-5.
My show name is Flying Pony
I know where i'll be applying if i ever need a 6 months break.


kurnaen said...

exciting trip. :D

Just FYI, there’s an event for bloggers and the prizes are iPad2 and Cash. Find the info in my blog

Andy said...

You must've got a bad room! Mine had the toothbrushes, robe, slippers etc.

But you sound like you had much more fun than me in Patong? Dang, I should've tagged along with you!

Xtine said...

You must be a rock star! Only rock stars get the higher class suites :p

Andy said...

Rock stars trash suites. That must be why they gave you a bad one, and me, the cripple on crutches, all the trappings of stay-in-your-room-because-you-can't-party-in-Patong luxuries!

Silver said...

So...did you meet anyone your type? =D

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