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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SoMe Fetishes

In Tokyo i hear, there's a SIX STOREYS adult shop that it could very much be a tourist spot. Each level has it's own theme, catering to different fetishes. What keeps the spark of a done and overdone routine? Playing out fantasies, it seems.

I think humans are very much influenced by what we see and receive. I asked around and the top 2 fantasies of most men are
1) School girl
2) Nurse

Their opinion, i believe is very much fuelled by what is already a known fantasy in the adult industry. Who then starts the trend, really? Who can say I FOUNDED the SCHOOL GIRL FETISH?

Japan is famous for its love hotels. Often their dwellings are claustophobic, smaller than our HDBS, walls thinner than paper and full of children and grandparents. So they need a convenient outlet to make love.

Love hotels, i think has one of the best hotel marketing employed. Look at their concepts and convenience.Facilities are well thought-out, they were down to every detail like fixing the clock in the classroom setting to be at 3.40pm, the time when school is out and no one would be around in the classrooms.
Checking in is as discreet as can be,as i have experienced buying food and commodoties can be from vending machines.

There are no beds, because you don't intend to sleep over. The rooms are charged hourly. Better not be a three-minute man, it won't be value for money.

This is men's second favourite, the hot nurse fantasy. This setting reminds me of the SATA clinic at Chinatown.

This doesn't raise my eyebrow, but i put it in because XC is a fan of Hello Kitty. This can be replicated in ANY bedroom if you're a fan of Kitty. I suppose if there really is a fetish for the cat with no mouth, maybe you should dress up as Kitty & Daniel. That, would then be a REAL fantasy.

May the Force Be With You. Jack off into Space. Seriously, i won't judge you.

Can you believe these are ACTUALLY ROOMS? Like hotel rooms?! But not exactly hotel rooms. I browse in awe, my mouth hanging open. The interior design is INCREDIBLE!

Women are not so brash about their fetishes. Most i asked can't draw anything to mind. Maybe they're boring, but mostly haven't given much thought. Many says on the beach, but again it's because its widely publicised, even with the cocktail named after it. Society formed the notion that beachs are romantic and thus women want that.A friend said her fantasy would be an absolute dashing stranger sweep her off her feet in a bar. Alot of women secretly harbour being dominated.
Just like how you have your preferences, this group of men are in love with their pillows. The founder materialised anima characters onto physical form when he realised there's a market who're very much in love with these babes on screen. It's funny, do you have a bolster in your bed? I do. So does my brothers and my parents. When we Singaporeans went over to Australia to study, we were very upset when we couldn't find a bolster! Thus everytime a friend makes a trip back, or we go back....we'll return with a bolster. Apparently, ang moh's don't use bolsters, even if they do, they don't know its a bolster. They call it a body pillow, or a long pillow.

My Mix-mix used to hug me to sleep, but ever since i introduced the bolster into the bed. He prefers that to me *sulk*
Nisan (pictured above) is a balding, flacid, 37-year-old, never-married video gamer. He describes his 3-year relationship with “Nemu” – whom he’s driven hundreds of miles on trips to visit Kyoto, Osaka and Nara — as blissful but chaste.

He even prides himself on taking special care not to touch her private areas when he tucks her into bed at night.
“I’ve experienced so many amazing things with her,” he gushes. “She has really changed my life.”
They're very serious about their pillow talk.
Before you're quick to judge these guys. They sound like a hurt soul, when they say "a doll won't cheat on you". It's perhaps like how women turn lesbians after men cheat on them over and over again.
Remember i mentioned about this service in Tokyo whereby "You just come, lay your head down on the lap of a voluptous lady and get your ear dug. 980 Yen (14 SGD)."

It's equivalent to investing in an OSIM massage chair..instead of paying $14 every time, you get to enjoy this everyday at home...
Except you don't get the voluptous boobs hanging over and grazing your cheek, and your ear remains clogged. Just like the massage chair, it's nice but still isn't the same as having real hands loosening the knots.

I thought this is for women (finally, something for women!) to you know, sleep facing down, so that their breasts are cupped. But it's for men (or maybe the women can use too) who wants to reminisce sleeping in their mother's hands as a baby or girlfriend's hands when it's still the honeymoon period.
The Zaky® is the award-winning bonding, therapeutic, and positioning pillow, ergonomically designed to help the baby feel comfortable and protected while assisting parents and their children feel closer to each other.
It assures proper positioning, helps with pain management and sleep, provides a sense of protection, and assists with the physical and psychological development of the child.

With all that scientific reasoning and bombastic explanations, suddenly hand pillows seem NORMAL isn't it? Zaky is invented in Houston, not Japan.

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