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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Healthy Manes with Phyto Hair Spa

Hair tugging while making out releases endorphins, which in turn intensify orgasms. Besides, it is more primal and makes love making more passionate. 

Men are attracted to women's mane. The thicker the better, the longer the more desirable. But not this...
Ok, ok...i think to erase that horrifying image, i think i need to populate your mind with less horrifying manes...

Longer hair have a significant positive effect on the ratings of a woman’s attractiveness, with almost 100% of the men i've asked telling me it's a HUGE mistake to cut short your hair, especially after a break up. Yet many women do, a sign of rebellion and liberation. It's a good idea actually. With short hair, you get hit on less and you'll be ready for the next relationship once your hair has grown back. A healthy amount of time for self healing.

Long hair increases the perception of good genes too. It takes years to grow long, thick hair so hair is a track record of your health.

So much focus on a woman's mane! However, hair loss is Singaporean men's worst fear (Straits Times, July 2011)! I can attest to that as my boyfriends disliked me running my fingers through their hair! They looked far from balding but they'll duck and fight my roving hands.

Hair loss has multiple causes ranging from genetics, poor diet, stress and more. The health of your scalp also plays a factor. Pollution and bacteria impacts the scalp environment that either promotes hair growth or accelerates hair loss.

So i visit Phyto Hair Spa for my regular mane maintenance.

There're dozens of articles about how to prevent hair loss on Google but i'm not going to copy and paste here because i don't know if it works as i haven't tried them personally.

But i do know that it is a pampering treat to visit Phyto with new movie titles every visit to pass the treatment time. To be honest, i don't see concrete evidence of it improving my mane (unlike acne...results aren't quite measurable) but for the past year, i've been doing the Dandruff Detox. It's like cleansing the scalp of bacteria and pollution regularly, ensuring a healthy scalp environment that prevents hair loss. With the abuse of hair perming and rebonding, i alternate the detox with Intense Hydration.

Phyto Hair Spa ($208 for a spa session) is not just for the ladies, but for men too.
Tug away at my mane.
Phyto Hair Spa
501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place #05-08A 
Tel: 6220 6948

Ngee Ann City Tower A, 391A Orchard Road, #05 - 26

Tel: 6734 6776 l 


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