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Saturday, November 12, 2011


In conjunction with the season-ending race in Brazil, Johnnie Walker the award winning world’s number one Scotch whisky and global partner of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1™ team since 2005 will add a Brazilian twist to the ultimate VIP race party experience, the Black Circuit Lounge. 

This exclusive and highly anticipated event will take place on Saturday, 26 November in Kuala Lumpur, and will be infused with the pulsating energy and glamour of Brazil. I can’t wait to get an inside look into the stylish and sophisticated world of motor racing.
Besides throwing a party to remember, some months back Johnnie Walker launched the most inspiring digital campaign I’ve seen thus far that inspired a thought provoking post in June.

What is life? What is living?
Before, Singaporeans were a stick-in-the-mud and living life like a template. We grow up, get a job, get married and live life eating, sleeping and going to work. Is that life?

Now, the youths are getting more affluent so more are traveling, seeing the world and that becomes their life. But is that life?

I've friends who are skeptical and hardened by life and people who disappointed them. I too, should have become like them but i didn't. My friends advise me to wisen up and not believe in the best in people or i risk getting hurt.  Contrary to the characteristics of a Scorpio woman, i am not vindictive nor vengeful. Yet i possess the allure, the charm and the inner strength to overcome any obstacle.

What then is life to me? It is about believing the best in people, it is about making that difference no matter how small, it is about touching someone's life with a touch, with a smile, with a word.

What kind of life would we have in the end, if we only lived for ourselves?

A reknown China journalist who strives to publish only the truth to bring justice to the world. 

To see more, click here .
While we’re all partying hard on 25 Nov, remember that winners never drink and drive.
Expect big names, bold tunes and the body beautiful.
Will you join Johnnie Walker and me?
For exclusive invites, JOHNNIE WALKER® fans need to ‘Like’ JOHNNIE WALKER® Malaysia at and enter the contest for VIP passes before 15 November.

Flights and accommodation to be at your own expense but there’re also Johnnie Walker parties happening in Singapore! Check out
Expect nothing but the best parties.
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