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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Sound of Music with a Giveaway!

AKG Q350 @ $159.90
Do not let the small frame of the Q460 ($219.90, picture below) fool you. It is by no means small in terms of sound quality. With a sleek design and its sweet lively notes, the Q460 epitomizes the David of sound, beating down the goliaths that stand before it.

The first thing you will notice about the Q460 when you pick it up is the size of the headphones. Small and compact, the Q460 folds inwards making it easy to store away in your bag without taking too much space. Integrating it to your overall style is not too much of a hassle as it comes in three great voguish colors: White, Black and Green.

The bass on the Q460 is full enough to pump your adrenaline but not deep enough to rattle your bones like its cousin, the K518 ($139.90 earphones), but the bass is better than most headphones. It has good depth in its bass sounds and is still balanced enough so as not to drown out the acoustics of the track. Despite that, it is still interesting to note that the bass on Q460 could sound like this without any extra batteries to power it.

However, it more than makes up with its unbelievable range of acoustic sounds. Every string strummed, drum drummed and piano key played sounds almost next to you with the Q460. The sounds sound anything but flat; every crescendo sends raptures through your ears and every note tingles your senses, simply put, the Q460 lets your music tracks come alive. Every note and chime sounds distinct on the Q460 that you could almost pick out every instrument that is played.

The vocals sound fantastic on the Q460 as well. Every word is heard clearly and every shiver of the voice is obvious. The Q460 really puts together the ultimate music experience that you might not find anywhere else. With an reasonable price of about $219.90, the Q460 is one you should go for if you want sleek style to go with beautiful sound.
The AKG Q460
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This review is done by my younger brother, a headphone fanatic, audio slave. If it was me doing the review, i only have one line to say.....IT BLOCKED OUT THE SOUNDS OF MY NEIGHBOUR'S LOVE MAKING AND CATS IN THE HEAT!
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