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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oxy Revive your Skin


If my skin were a woman, I wouldn’t want to date her. She is difficult to handle, with mood swings.  Sometimes she is oily, sometimes she is dry. That makes buying her gifts a.k.a skincare very difficult. Nothing satisfies her.

Regular facials help to satiate her.  Daily pollution and bacteria accumulation clogs my pores with blackheads and whiteheads that promote acne so I am a facial regular.

But…Beauty is Pain!!
Facial therapists perform extractions in a facial to unclog those pores. I have tried other methods like derma-brasion and chemical peels to escape the pain.

However, based on my personal experience, they are both not recommended. Derma-brasion made my skin dry and tight after, it isn’t a treatment you would do monthly (maybe quarterly). I shouldn’t have tried chemical peel for its invasiveness, but I was desperate for good skin.

Then I learnt about Porcelain Face Spa. Cozy Cot had rave reviews. I needed to visit the loo before my session. Just as I pushed open the door, a lady with porcelain skin walked out. I did a double take. She had skin flawless like Fann Wong, it suit her jet-black hair.  I held my pee and peeped at her a while longer as she chatted with the therapist while making payment.

Soon it will be my turn.

Step 1: Double Cleanse.

After analyzing what my skin needs, the therapist suggested I try Oxy Revive. Joanne applies a milky cleanser to remove traces of make up and then following up with a cleanser suitable for my combination skin. Head massage FTW!

I got the cleanser ($25 for 15ml) after as well as it is paraben + sulfate free containing powerful antioxidants like carrot etc & conditioning agents like aloe vera etc to protect & nourish.

Step 2: OxyJet Gentle Micro Dermabrasion Therapy

Replacing extraction, Joanne applies a special gel onto strips that she then gently plasters all over my face. It works like waxing facial hair. After it dries, she peels them off slowly. Honestly, there will be some slight discomfort; after all it was a new experience. It was definitely less painful than extraction; it’s akin to peeling off a Biore blackhead strip. The oxyjet involves the usage of a high-velocity jet to spray sodium chloride onto the skin, thereby softening and removing dead skin cells and congested pores to achieve the effects of microdermabrasion without stressing the skin (read above).

Here’re all the blackheads and whiteheads removed from my face pain-free!
Step 3: OxySpray Mist Therapy
Here comes the good stuff. Now, I have had Oxy Sprays before at other facial salons but all they did was spraying a mist over my face. I could have just bought the Evian spray from Watsons and pay a fraction. Using a special machine and concentrated mist, my pores sucked it up thirstily. Water didn’t even run down my neck as it would at other places!
The Oxyspray at Porcelain incorporates the same technology where a custom blend of serums and tonics is infused into the skin via misting, allowing for better penetration and absorption of nutrients.

Step 4: Custom Blended Mask
Finally, Joanne soothes and seals my pores with a mask followed by an awesome shoulder massage that made me snooze and drool instantly. Thus the end of pictures.

I woke up to porcelain skin, ready to party without make-up!
Oxy Revive is priced at $180, achieving a more radiant, youthful looking complexion and supple skin with tighter pores.

You can take up a trial offer for a signature facial (not Oxy revive) + revital eye luxx treatment + relaxing aroma foot bath at $60! U.P $365.

Call 6222 9802 for an appointment, 31A Cantonment Road (3 mins walk from Outram MRT exit H)

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