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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


When I was schooling, I often take bus 61 from Ngee Ann Polytechnic to Lavender for my weekly Takewando lessons. The bus got crowded as it inched towards my destination.  Upon arrival, I panicked, as I was nowhere near the exit.

Afraid the bus will rumble on without me alighting, I pushed my way through the sweaty bodies.  There was a shrill cry, but I didn’t waste time turning back.

Something was caught onto my wrist, I didn’t care. Something was holding me back, I lounged forward with might.

Finally, I gulped the breath of fresh air, stumbling down the steps of 61.

Watching the bus rumbling away, I saw an Indian woman’s face red with rage, fist clenched, raised and furiously shaking.  Unsure what the commotion was about, I raised my hand to wave back.

Then, I saw what the rage was about.

A chunk of her hair was caught in my bracelet and I had ripped it off her scalp.

With hair grazing your ass crack, the last 15cm is at least 1 year older than the rest of your hair! Suffering the most damage, going through 2.5 times more chemical treatments than the crown. Mine was certainly dry after the perm few months back.

Not wanting to risk Bus 61 happening to me, I make sure my hair stays silky soft, smooth and supple with Phyto’s intense hydrating treatment.

At $155, I do it every 3 months.  Other hair care tips I adhere to are:
  1.  I apply hair mask (I use Asience) on my hair ends weekly, encased in a hair treatment shower cap ($2 from Daiso) for 3 minutes. You look like an alien with the aluminum-looking cap and it feels a bit steamy underneath.
  2. When using a hair dryer, I use cold air and I blow-dry the crown and not ends.
  3. Do you know why there is a shower situated next to swimming pools? I always thought it was for hygiene reasons and I selfishly won’t rinse myself before diving in (the other people can take my dirt!). However, if you wet your hair before entering a pool, your hair will soak up the initial water instead of the chlorinated water! That’s reason enough for me to rinse now.
  4.  Instead of using shampoo on the full length of hair, I apply it on the scalp but avoid it on the hair ends. Instead I apply conditioner at the same time the scalp is shampooed. This is a great time saver tip as well.
  5. Finally, I rinse off my hair with a good strong spray of cold water. Having the last splash of cold water on the body also keeps it supple!

With regular hydrating treatments and disciplined daily care, nothing is sexier as hair that swings as you move!

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