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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Museum of Me.

If you haven’t been narcissistic enough, here’re some viral campaigns that will help you with your collection.

1) YOU caused the loss of Obama.
A fictional news story about Obama losing the 2008 election by one vote. The press tracks down the person responsible...
You can play a prank on friends! It's not always about YOU.

2) Reap the rewards of YOUR public sharing on Facebook.
Unfortunately, some great viral campaign videos can't be downloaded nor can they be embedded. A huge impetus to social sharing!

I feel like a pirate, pardon the poor quality filming.
 Get yours here

3) YOU starring in Lost in Val Sinestra
A mesmerizing movie trailer starring you and Facebook friends, this is my favourite.

4) Museum of Me
You aren't that important to have a brick-and-morta museum, but a virtual one will do and still stroke your ego the same. A stunning and a little creepy visualization of your social life.
Do yours here

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