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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crowning Glory

I was once caught on Gotcha! I was checking out the street stalls along Kallang stadium and being a sucker for freebies, I was drawn to the stall that offered free Hanna paintings.

I perspire a lot and I am not without scrunched up tissues in my fist. I sat down, extended my hand and the lady started drawing on the back of my hand with Hanna (but actually brown paint). While she chatted with me, she started drawing obscene images and vulgarities on my hand.

Frankly, I was too caught up looking at her pretty face, I didn’t even notice what she was doodling on my hand! Only when she asked me to look down and asked what I think about her art, then I calmly told her “it’s different.” I wasn’t shocked, embarrassed or angry. I guess I was a failed prank.

What was embarrassing however was, the lady did not tell me I had huge pieces of tissue paper broken down from me swiping my sweat on my forehead! This image was captured on film and aired on national tv. For months, my prank was replayed on TV mobile and the embarrassing part wasn’t the rude drawings and nonchalant expression but these white bits.

That shame, is equivalent to having a date reach across and pick dandruff out of my hair.

And that, my dear friend, has happened to me not once, but many times.

I am not the type who’ll lament I’m fat knowing I’m not (I can’t stand girls who eat fries but blot them with tissue before!) So I’ll say I have a mild dandruff problem (or maybe I’m afraid to admit I have a full-on dandruff problem?)

For a long while, when dates pull dandruff out of my hair; I wave my hand, shrug my shoulders and say “oh, it must be remnants from the hair products I use before meeting you.” Or “oh, it must be the tissue I used to wipe my sweat!” Being a perspiring girl was better sounding than I have dandruff.

I am such a bad liar but thankfully none of my dates examine the white speck on their fingers.

One date even casually commented “it’s much more obvious because your hair is so black.”

If we were monkeys, I bet my white specks will be very attractive.

Why do people get dandruff?

It’s largely due to hormonal imbalance, and condition of the scalp. Dandruff conditions are the result of disorganization of cellular activity: cell of the scalp renew too quickly, leading to excessive desquamation of the scalp combined with bacteria. More than 30% of us suffer from dandruff. With higher level of stress in our daily lives being one of the main causes, dandruff problems can exacerbate and become a larger issue that may lead to hair loss.

How does one get rid of dandruff?

Through a proper and effective treatment and maintenance that helps one to achieve clean, healthy scalp and hair. With PHYTO Hair Spa’s Dandruff Detox (S$208 for 2hs which includes the signature scalp massage & infra red treatment / S$188 for 1h 45mins which includes the signature scalp massage), dandruff conditions such as itching or scalp congestion can be managed effectively through the exfoliation of dandruff that helps to slow down cell division. The treatment also has antiseptic and anti-fungal action, which is soothing and cleansing to the scalp.

How many sessions are required to typically cure dandruff?

There is no straight answer for this as it varies per individual. Typically, for a medium-serious condition, one would require between six to ten sessions.

I have done 3 at Phyto and my dandruff have diminished significantly. They still happen every now and then but at least you can't collect enough to form a little salt mound.

Boys can also be pampered too!


RaGe FuRy said...

Wow! Amazing! Would love to try it someday! :O

Xi en said...

I have split ends. and it doesn't feel smooth at all. very sad.

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