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Thursday, November 3, 2011

My iPhone Case Journey.

With the recent furor as a food blogger, and the recent post on mobile applications that change the dating world, I thought I’d share these whacky cases.

Now, 5 million of the 7 million smart phones in Singapore are iPhones. What makes your iPhone stand out from every Tom, Dick, Harry on the MRT?
When i first got my iPhone last Aug (late adopter), i made mine stand out with this cover that looked like a manual out of a Kung Fu flick (SGD 3 from J8,Bishan). My mum says i looked like i am a country bumpkin from China with this cover but what does she know about pop culture!
This IS then obiang.
Zipping and unzipping it wasn't too user friendly, eventually i lost the case :"(
And i chanced upon this in Far East Plaza (SGD13).
Then it caught on and i started seeing many others using it.
Time to stand out further.
I've seen the calculator, chocolate bar and other similar around but i didn't find them looking real. Except the crayon one, it was kinda cute. I feel like a Kindergarten child, pubescent and nubile.

I wanted an edge. Then i saw this....
People judge me without knowing me anyway, i might as well warn them i am of explicit material and they better not come near me. True sign of a bad girl...

I didn't get it. I am really an innocent girl...despite writing topics like sex volunteering.

Then i saw this in KL and i bought not 1 but 4 to match my shoes.
I was COOL for 4 months until they started springing up in Bugis and Orchard.

I had to level up again.
I was honestly VERY tempted to buy this in Hong Kong (sgd 20), it reminded me of
I went back to the shop twice but decided against it because it would be really difficult to bring it around although it was an option to hang it around my neck like a senile old man.

Besides it didn't look really real, and i am all about authencity. If it's not real, don't do it...*cough* fake eyelashes *cough*

So, to level up my iPhone case and make it stand out among the crowd in the MRT...i found these...
The Japanese are perfectionist in making things and fake food is their pride and glory (all those window displays...). Each one individually hand-made, they don't come cheap (usd 50). A sign of wealth and foodie, these iPhone cases stand out.
Never go hungry with these! A good way to diet, you can stare till you're sick of food!
That is, IF you can ever stuff these sweet berries into your pants.

Smart phones are now used for spying and stalking. Perfect camouflage for the job! One for the army boys when you can't bring into camp camera phones. You risk being ridiculed for being a Mummy's boy for bringing in home cooked bento though! Or you could always say it's from your girlfriend and be the envy of hormone raging army boys.
We always know that lying is a no-no and it's a grey line with white lies. For the less endowed males, boast about the eel in your pants with this Unagi case!
And if you need to put out that fire in the pants?

Try the shaved ice.
The above cases can be bought at

P.S I'm kidding about being a food blogger, i prefer eating my food hot.


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