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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Travel Photography How-Tos


What's your average number of holiday pictures?500, 1000? Do you actually diligently take note of where these pictures are snapped? I bet not, it's more of a case of trigger happy!

Thus Canon Powershot SX 230 HS has an inbuilt GPS function that geo tags your pictures! However, do switch it off if not necessary as it depletes your battery in about 5 hours.

While amateur photographers like you & me go trigger happy at anything and everything while on a holiday. While professional photographers go about shooting anything ordinary and making them beautiful, we really ought to look out for winning photos like these...
Man, he is cheap! Shot in Tai O fishing village, Hong Kong.
Revealed: Husband is some kind of snack.

Quirky house with cute sign looking for a spouse for Snow White!
Reading too much Enid Blyton,
i often have a nagging feeling these gnomes will come alive pass midnight!
Shot at Tai O fishing village.
Now i know why girls are queuing up at H&M Singapore months back.
Shot at Mong Kok, Hong Kong's H&M.
Revealed: i think they meant SOCKS.
I don't know if you want granny to live demo you a dildo.
Shot at Times Square, Hong Kong.
Revealed: this granny is as famous as our Macdonald's granny.
She has endorsed a wide range of products and cameos in TVB drams.
Famous for funny Hongkonger's English names like Fight Chan and Pubic Har,
i found Chan Chi Dic. Taxis are iconic in Hong Kong.

Other than those, wanderlust is to also explore cultures not experienced at home.
Weddings are big in Singapore, but no one here does it as lavish as a matching entourage.
Their cheeky friend presented them the snake that would be next found on their plate and in their stomach!
The Hong Kongers are surprisingly friendly!
They speak better English now too as compared to 7 years ago.
Their dogs sit beside them to have dim sum too! Sai Kung restaurants warmly welcome pets.
Owning a dog is a sign of status in Hong Kong. 
Still a superstitious Chinese culture, they bless the door with journey mercy.

This is one cool retro Uncle!
For a man who wears boldly "Sure" on his tee, he sure is one grumpy old man with cute eyebrows.
I bought 3 retro toys from him.

Peeping over her shoulder, this is how dim sum is made.
Much appreciation and gratitude to Hong Kong Tourism Board for showing me a side of Hong Kong i never thought i'd know. Thanks to Canon for the Powershot SX230 HS for capturing these sweet memories. If without the high ISO speeds, the images won't appear sharp and clear, especially in iconic Hong Kong cabs and snapping funny pictures without salesgirl detecting.
Vote for your favourite pictures here and stand to win a Canon for yourself!

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