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Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to be Young, Fabulous and Not Broke.

FRANK by OCBC is a debit card that knows the young working adult’s heart.

You are Young.
Admit it, you are young and therefore frivolous. Frivolous having fun, frivolous being young.  We don’t need to save up for a HDB or marriage, all we want are holidays and the latest gadgets. Saving is difficult when we’re easily distracted. FRANK understands the essence of being young.
Young working adults have false savings.
Many Singaporeans below 30 are in credit card debts.
You are Fabulous.
With over 130 card designs, get to express yourself with your card. Stand out among the crowd, be you, be unique. Ranging from $10- $25 for a design fee, my favourites are the clever quirky range with witty copy.

Very appropriate if you are anti-bloggers.

Reminds me of after a shit, literally, and also retail therapy after shit at work.

Shopaholics should wield this.
You are Cute.
Card designs from the cute and cuddly range.
or if music defines you there are 130 and more to choose from!
You are Wild and Bold.
Get this butt crack/ cleavage design.
You are not Broke.
Not only you get discounts at popular blogshops and online stores, there are also special offers like get a $30 H&M voucher when you spend $500 with FRANK in your first month or get a funky laptop sleeve when you sign up.

Besides that, you get rewarded with vouchers for paying your card on time! Cash rebates/reward points are also available with spending. It can't get any better! I think you'll remotely get richer by being frank.

What is revolutionary however, is with the FRANK account, you get an overview of your savings and spending in one account. You can seperate and organise your spending from your savings. You can also set up and name multiple saving compartment for your saving goals.
No more multiple piggy banks, move forward with times, get frank.
With OCBC really creative with their FRANK account, here's Amizadai who is even more creative with the postcards! Many others caught on, or was it not Amizadai who started it? Who knows about these viral things!
Get your own postcards to continue the viral idea!

Visit their new store at Vivo City #01-160, otherwise the others are in SMU and NTU. With attractive promotional interest rates from 0.3%-0.6%, compared to 0.1% in other regular savings accounts. It's truly a win-win situation for you! Do read the fine print before signing up for any card though, or contracts in any matter. Remember being frank is a trait to have, being frank is in trend. Ask questions about hidden charges.

Was invited to get Franked in their new store.

Dressed in character to support the card designs!

To know that OCBC truly understands the young working adult, there're cash prizes to be given out over at their Facebook.

And for my dear readers, theres $30 drink vouchers to be given away! They can be used at any of the outlets below in hottest chill-out place in town Dempsey. They have to be used in conjunction with the Frank card though. So sign one up and leave me a comment replying "Which card design does best at describing who you are?" I'd like to know more about YOU! Or leave a comment, then go sign up for Frank.

Money is not everything, Dreams are. Get Frank, Start Saving.

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