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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let there be Clear Vision!


I don’t even remember when I got my first pair of glasses. I don’t even remember reading in the dark, reading while walking or lying down to read. I only know I am a blind mouse without my glasses. This has worked in my favour when I need to go on stage.

People advising you to imagine the audience as WATERMELON HEADS DO NOT work. Not being able to see anything get rids of stage fright WORKS!

Then I overcame the stage fright, and the four eyed frog needed to blossom into a princess. So my best friend taught me how to shave, make-up and put on contact lens.
That's me in 2001.
The lenses were mighty fine until on 2 occasions I boarded the wrong car at night. 

I was approaching this familiar dark blue car from behind and I noticed my friend had a new stuffed toy spotted in the rear window. Without much thought, I entered the car and as I drew the seat belt from left to right, I said without looking up, “someone gave you a present?” Just as I finished my sentence, I turned to my right and was horrified to find my friend an old uncle! It certainly wasn't a case of Benjamin Buttons.

Totally embarrassed, I quickly released myself from his car’s clutches, opened the door and met his wife. I don’t know who has a more shocked expression. Me, him or her.

My friend laughed his head off, he was in the car behind the wrong car.

You’d think I would have gone to get my eyes checked right? Wrong.

My lovingly idiotic friend fantasizes himself as a stunt driver. He loves to accelerate when I am just about to board. It drives me up the wall as I find it unsafe but well, it’s a fact that women are more mature at 19. One fine night, I was waiting for the yet again familiar dark blue car. In the car park, I saw his car coming towards me. Thinking he is just going to speed by me, not letting me board again, I jumped out in front of his car like a star fish.

The car screeched, it wasn’t him.

Again my friend laughed his head off, he was in the car behind the wrong car.
It's as embarrassing as when my skirt flew up in a Xmas party pic.
Twice bitten, thrice shy.

I got my eyes checked but it wasn’t that my shortsightedness eye power got worse; but it’s because of the halos and glare from streetlights and car headlights at night that affected my vision. Also, perhaps I didn’t eat enough carrots.

Bausch+Lomb introduces its proprietary technology – High Definition™ Optics, now available in PureVision 2 HD, a silicone hydrogel monthly contact lenses, and it enhances vision with reduced blurriness even in lowly lit environment such as in movie theatre or when you are shooting in the dark. The HD optics also reduces glare and halo from streetlights and car headlights which make it safer to drive around at night. Thankfully that I tried this out, and saved myself whole lot of embarrassment moving on!
You will not want to get into an accident like mine.
While the horrific Final Destination 5 scene of a Lasik operation gone wrong still rings in my memory, I’ll rely on PV2 HD for my sports needs. Slipping spectacles during hot yoga disrupts my OM.
Without PV 2 HD, sports just won't be the same!
Imagine not having clear vision when you're doing something once in a life time.
I wear mine for more than 9 hours a day, it’s a relief to know PV2 HD allows more oxygen to pass through the lenses and reach the eyes so that my eyes can ‘breathe’.

To complement the contact lenses, Bausch + Lomb also introduces BioTrue multipurpose solution that matches the PH of heathly tears, and the HA content allow the lenses to stay moist to up to 20 hours! Less discomfort issues and better health!
Little Nemo says, “My, what big eyes you have” 
to which Chrispytine replies, “The better to see (then eat) you with.”
That's not me, but my Ang Moh friend sure have big eyes!
Diving lets me enjoy my sea food more.


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