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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Best of WTH.

Last year, i was voted a finalist for Best Modeling Blog, this year that title is removed.

Someone then thought i'd fit into the Best What The Hell category.

Great. I am either known for being just a pretty face, otherwise a demented girl.

I like BOTH titles. A pretty demented girl.

Here're my best What-The-Hell posts, starting with the mild and i hope by the time you reach the end, you'll sport the Cadbury eyebrow.

WTH meter: 1/5
Japan was a dream destination come true. All Japan holidays post are found under travel in Yummy Bits.

The Not So Innocent Childhood I & II
WTH meter: 2/5
Fairytales and cartoons are not like we know them.

WTH meter: 3/5
What The Hell, Women!
WTH meter: 4/5
How women fake it with over-the-counter products, including a hymen.
What The Hell, Humans!
WTH meter: 5/5
This takes the cake! If you can stomach it. Medicine at it's best.

I know, i know. They all seem to center around one of human's basic needs.

Sex sells, and you're reading it because let's face it, that's how we come about. Quit squirming, your parents had sex.

But hey, these posts focus on the strange, the underground and topics that make you go WTH! Totally fitting the definition of Singapore Blog Awards 2011.

May the heavy weight win.

If i do, i'll upload a video on How To Milk a Rabbit.

It's troublesome to vote, you need to register and log in. So only if you're really free, go through the hassle here.

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