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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sensations in the Highlands.

Sometime last week, HTC quietly brillant chose the location of the old NIE to throw a party that has the who's who like Nat Ho & Julian Hee attending.

Then they silently passed me the latest HTC Sensation to call my own.

Using my new toy, i found out that it is truly a blogger's phone!

Here's why:
It has a MIRROR app! Narcissism is the disease of a blogger.
Bloggers are now recognized as a form of media, the new media. Our pen keyboard is mightier than the sword, & we are now included in press junkets.

The print journalists came armed with pen, paper and a voice recorder.
Me, as a blogger? I used the HTC Sensation, my only multimedia companion for the press junket to RWS Genting. It played music in surround sound to accompany me in my lonely hotel room, and it recorded interview videos in High Defination (it even zooms in and out mid interview, something even my digital camera can't do!).

Genting holds much nostalgia for me. As a child, Genting is a holiday destination every June when school breaks.
This June, RWS Genting imports the largest Balloon Art Festival in South East Asia.
HTC was there to experience all sorts of Genting sensations with me.
As with every road trip, long hours are expected.  Choice of available movies include titles like Bedside Detective. I didn't give it a chance, i watched Glee in HD on my phone. The picture was so clear, i feel very happy being able to see every pore of Will Schuester, Puck and Finn. 4 episodes of Glee in between many naps helped me survive the ride.
Photo from
Arriving in Genting, we felt like school kids once again.
Cool air, theme parks, entertainment, what's there not to like about Genting?
If not for anything else, the Ripley's Believe or Not museum is worth going to Genting for. My first visit was in Pattaya, Thailand and i thoroughly enjoyed it. You get to see shrunken heads!
This June, it's special at Genting because of these giant ballon sculptures that you can find indoor and outdoors.
Tom Bibo, an extraordinary ballon sculptor and magician. He was the highlight of the trip! He will be performing thrice a day (2, 7.30 & 10pm) till 26 June, it's a must-watch if you are up in the highlands!

See him make a balloon snake rattle, swallow/spit balloons and stuff them in nether regions! Adults will enjoy his gig.
There're activity stations available for children throughout the festival and 15 kids will get to attend an exclusive workshop with Tom Bibo.
International balloon artists combine fashion with rubber.
Oh, what fond memories. The Cyclone is Genting's first roller coaster.
14 years later, i'm in the exact same seat.
The HTC Sensation is so slim that i could slip it into my pocket and sneak it up the roller-coaster. Not exactly wise because it's a loose item, but narcissism is a disease of a blogger remember?
You know the sensation you get as you wait for your turn? The rumbling tracks beneath your feet.
The sensation you get on a rollercoaster is different from the sensation you get on a viking ship. They're very different. Your heart drops when the rollercoaster drops, but as the viking ship swings down, you feel a tingle down-there. I didn't know adrenaline can be categorized.
This is my favourite ride, you go all the way up about 14 storeys high, and hang for a moment or two before it drops with a swoosh. That man's expression (the ride was merely just going up still) helps you understand it.
Genting is also not short on food. Coffee Terrence is my favourite place. At RM40, eat all you can from local delights like Lao Shu Fen..
Japanese, Western, Chinese, Indian. Chefs even whip up dishes at your whim and fancy!
Here with all the international balloon artists.
The Men in Black. They make sure our memories are intact with Genting's awesome-ness.
Most pictures in this post are taken with my HTC Sensation, equipped with 8 megapixels and face recognition. It even has effects just like Instagam!
Sensations in the highlands, get your fun at the peak.

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