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Friday, June 3, 2011

All Lacquered Up

A French manicure is designed to resemble natural nails. I love the French manicure because it makes me look feminine, sweet and innocent.
Alas, the French manicure never last. A normal manicure lasts about 2 weeks, a French manicure can't last as long due to the thicker coat and therefore chips easily. Thus i always feel it's not worth to get a French manicure especially when it costs extra to get it painted that way but chips faster than usual.

Don't make money get it done the Gelish way.

I had mine done at Pink Parlour for $49+. They have a new outlet in Orchard Central. 
Gossip magazines, yay!

To suit the nails, you need the perfect wedding venue like Chjmes. Watabe wedding planners have just landed in Singapore and they own 14 chapels all over the world.

They are here to make your wedding romantic, a fairy-tale wedding especially when in Asia we believe you only wed once.
Partnering Tung Lok, the catering is exquisite. Interesting mash-up of textures and foods, this is a jello-shot of Herbal chicken soup (my favourite!)

Now, at which corner will i find my Prince Charming ?

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