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Thursday, June 23, 2011

What a Steal!

It was my virgin hand in setting up shop at a flea market. Shopaholics like us ended up spending what we earned at the stall next door. The next time, we should put on eye patches like horses. So we don't get side tracked and only look forward (focus on making sales, not purchase).
Many people came attracted to this woven bag but too cheapskate to purchase it at $20!
Most customers were either young school girls who now can dress fashionable at 1% of the original price, or maids who can dress sexy when they go out on Sunday dates or Grandmas who can dress young again.

There was an old man who came and scrutinised our sunnies. Still in good condition, branded Mango and only at $2, he bought one after 15 minutes of inspection. We even gave him a sunglass cover. While transacting, i made small talk. I asked who he was buying for, and he replied, "my maid."

I felt a sudden rush of warmth in my heart and said, "Aww..that's so sweet." Thinking how Singaporeans treat maids worse than animals sometimes. The old man gave a sheepish smile. It then occurred to me "Could it be to thank her for her special service?" She wouldn't even know it was just $2  >_<
 My innovative dad took the liberty to dress the naked tree with my sale.
 A Philipino man came and bought many bags and heels. He expressed that he is going to give it away as presents. It then dawned upon me that we are so fortunate to be able to buy and wear new clothes. Clothes that we can afford to wear once and never again.
To survive your first flea stall:
1) wear a tube dress, not too short as there may be alot of bending down and over
2) leave the valuables at home and carrying a sling pouch for the necessities
3) water, water, water
4) fan and umbrella
5) pair up with a friend, it helps pass time so much faster

I did not manage to sell all, so check them out on my Buy Em New and Dress Like Me page.


Anonymous said...

did u manage to sell that woven bag?its cute!

Anonymous said...

I know right!!the maids and aunties only wana give $5 for it,i'd rather keep it myself. So yes its still sitting in my home and underused.

I am selling it at $20.

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