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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Virgin Tea

Many pay a premium for organic food, cotton clothes and chemical free services.

Then, there are those who pay a premium for virgin tea.

This ad was spotted on a recruitment website (unfortunately, not on Jobs DB).
The job requirements of Henan's Gushi Xijuhua Mountain Development Co. is that you need to be 
a) a virgin
b) healthy, active, no bad habits with a sunshine desposition
c) possess C cup and above
d) without any body blemishes

The job role is to pick tea leaves with their mouth, thus creating the unique selling point of this tea (that passes through virgin lips).
Damn it! No revealing tea picking uniform?!?
They get paid a daily wage of SGD $110, the usual wage of a A cup tea picker who uses her hands is USD $3.50.

A debatable publicity stunt, the company's spokesman said the recruitment is meant to revive the legend of tea picked with lips (口唇茶).

According to legend, when the tea is brewed with boiling water, nine fairies will appear from the mist and do a vanishing act one after another. If you were to drink said tea, you will feel refreshed, relaxed and it can cure all diseases (including Aids?).
As part of a cultural festival, the virgins will perform their balancing act of a tiny basket in between their heaving cleavage.

It is also said that at the beginning of the last century, some Chinese tea sellers experimented with the idea of “tea in front of breasts.” Virgins at the age of 16 were asked to start picking leaves in the middle of the night and put leaves into their clothes between their breasts. When they finished their work before sunrise, the leaves should have absorbed enough of the virgins’ body scent, and could make great tea. This practice phased out even before it ever had the chance to become widespread.

The hiring company expects girls they hire to keep tea leaves in their mouths before making tea out of them. Virginity and curviness are selling points the company exploits to convince customers that such tea is of yin (femininity) and purity.
Cuban cigars are rolled in between virgin thighs, South American Indian tribe's special brew is fermented with ingredients chewed by virgins. They were unfounded legends. Hooters and the C cup virgin tea pickers are real and they objectified women.

Boy, am i glad there's a role reversal with the infamous Chippendale male strippers and the "Gigglo Den".

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