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Monday, June 6, 2011

Angry Birds Bento

With all the Angry craze lately, i decided to try my hand at the Bird bento.
Dropping by the supermarket, here're the ingredients:

1) Babybel soft cheese encased in red wax $5.25
2) Sliced Cheddar cheese $4.55

3) Bread $5.20 (or you can go for the cheaper Gardenia range that is 1/3 of that price)

4) Seaweed $2.30 (buy it in stripes so there's less to cut)
No surprise if you snack on it in the midst of making! Seaweed is ADDICTIVE like Angry Birds.

5) Percy Pig gummy from Marks & Spencer $2.50
Instead of carving out the pigs from kiwi or some fruit, i took the lazy way out and buy ready made!

6) Quail eggs $2

The only tools you will need is a pair of kitchen scissors (so long as it's not rusty and you do not use it to cut paper or pubic hair) and a kitchen knife. Do be wise in removing the red wrapper around the cheese. You can use some of the peeled off wax to form the beaks of the yellow bird.

For $20, it is more expensive than Macdonald's but the joy in creating the bento for a child, a lover or a special friend is priceless.

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