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Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Month in Review

Retaining the roots of a blog, which is a diary, here're snapshots of my recent months:
Narcissistic photo for no apparant reason. Dress from Haji Lane, $69.

Ate the most obscene looking thing but oh-so-expensive white asparagus at
French restaurant, Gunthers @ Purvis St. $39

Men's Fashion Week. Wrote my Gambatte message for Japan. Although honestly, what's the point of writing such messages? They're not sending this wall to Japan. Dress from Tiong Bahru mall: $120.

Found my favourite choice of alcohol atop Fullerton Hotel, The Lantern.
A mixture of alcohol, watermelon and cucumber. $30, can't afford to get drunk on it.
Attended the Star Awards at RWS.
It was VERY boring and i pity the fans who scream their lungs out but had to sit all the way behind and squint.
Dress from Pull & Bear: $80
Watched the Lion King @ MBS. Everyone says its good, but i fell asleep twice.
They sing very well. Get the level 1 seats (instead of upper deck), the theatre is small
so the cheapest tickets will do as well.

One suitor sent balloons to my office.

After 2 still births, my rabbit formed a nest of fur.
If i accumulated the hair i drop daily, i will also have a nest.
Shocked to find the baby rabbit black when both parents are white.
We suspect the black rabbit on the 8th floor.
Met the youngest bloggers who are more in tuned with female fashion than me.
 I enjoyed educating them on adult life.

Shot some more slimming print ads but the client commented that i put on weight.
Won the HTC desire by holding my breath.
Re-connecting with girlfriends. Done with men.
Mum learns to use the digital camera and snaps me randomly.
Went to the FTV party where models stick out like a sore thumb with a bird's eye view in the crowd.

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