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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why can't women be topless?

It has been so hot lately that looking at these awesome pools found around the world actually has a cooling effect.

The nearest one we can get to is the one at Alila Udubu resort, Payangan in Bali. It looks so tranquil and calm, i almost want to mediate seeing this.
Just as near is the one in Pimalai Resort & Spa on Koh Lanta, Thailand. While swimming, you can admire the spectacular view of the beach and sea below. In fact, Bali has many of these in the 5 star hotels too. I remember swimming in one at the Intercontinental when i was there in Sept 2007.

I always felt a waste of water for pools to be built near the sea though. Why do you have to spoil the humans and give them TWO bodies of water to choose from?! So not eco friendly.
Only 5 AUD (excl.airfare), here's a public pool at Sydney's famous Bondi Beach. I saw this one when i was there in 2006.
At high tide, the ocean's waves break over the pool. Won't that be dangerous if you're IN the pool? What if the undercurrent is so strong that it drags out of the pool? Headline news: Tsunami experienced in public pool.

Pools with landscape views are common in cities like Singapore and Hong Kong. The above is in Singapore's Naumi hotel found at Seah St.
This very Romanian pool is found in California, America.

Singapore is one of the very few countries, in fact it's even safe to say the only country which has swimming pools in residences, our condos. In America or Europe, swimming pools are only found in either hotels or in the homes of the rich.

If you're in Dallas, and you have a fear of heights, you'll probably not want to swim there.

We have an imitation one at Ascotts Raffles Place here in Singapore.

The world's largest swimming pool. It is equivalent to 6,000 8-meter-long pools.I remember seeing somewhere that Abu Dhabi wants to build something like that, and they're going to be shaped like palm trees.

My friend who lives there don't there to go to the swimming pool in his bathers for fear of being charged. It is a very conservative country, after all. So i wonder why ....

Now comes the more fun pools...

The legendary Play Boy Mansion pool.
Many celebrities and play boy bunnies have xxx in there.  Doesn't chlorine sting? I once read a biography of a bunny, she said contary to belief, it isn't all about sex in the mansion. I think everyone will continue to ignore that claim, no one wants to burst that fantasy.

The next one is my personal favourite. It's on my list of Places to Go.
It's the Atlantis City in the Bahamas!
This is called the temple of doom or leap of faith where you take the water slide and plunge into tunnel surrounded with sharks.

Ok, actually maybe not so fun when it happens so fast you can hardly be terrified of the sharks. I can't quite compare which is scarier. When i bungee jumped or when i had to dive with the sharks in Sydney. Bungee jumping, i had a choice. I could still change my mind and NOT jump. But being in the tank with sharks 3 times my size, i can't quite back out and surface because i AM already in. I could just wet my pants then, except that it was already wet. Besides, the instructor told us that urine attracts the sharks, but i figured he was just trying to keep the aquarium clean.
One reef shark at the Atlantis jumped out of its tank and onto the water slide. It took the leap of faith, literally. It emerged on the other side, IN the swimming pool. It died shortly after, because of the chlorine. I wonder what would have happened if there were humans in there.  It might still have the chance of a last supper.
China is planning to build this entire underground city out of a quarry. Don't you think it's surreal? That reality is soon becoming like what we see in the movies. Living underground, robots, do you think we will really start having surrogates?
I'm off to find my own infinity pool now. Can't take the heat!

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