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Friday, March 12, 2010

Telling the real from the fake.

I realised that men don't quite know how to tell the real from the fake. Well, not all women know how to either, although we have a pair of our own. 

But i have observed and verified. So here's how i tell the real from the fake.
Fake ones do not lose it's shape when you lie down. They continue being upright, like a firm mould. To be certain, it's a FULL circle. They feel VERY hard too. I finally had the chance to feel one to know! But i was told they soften with diligent massages (HARD massage, nonetheless). Don't know if it's true. If i'm still friends with her ten years later, i hope she lets me feel her again (we can play doctor and patient!)
Real big breasts however, they fall to the sides when you're lying down. A little flattened, they do not remain a firm full circle balanced on your chest. There is also a slight droop for natural breasts when she is standing up too.
This one, is called... natural flat chest.

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