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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bag Hag

Finally took my "brother" who have doted me, expecting nothing in return out for dinner.
Lawry's at Mandarin Gallery gives a complete dining experience. The service is outstanding, although it can get irritating with them checking on you (How's the food? Anything else you'd like?) every 10 minutes.

With their "maid" uniforms, the salad girl does a little spin as she whips up your appetizer.
Here comes the highlight. Lawry's premium beef. Craved right in front of you.
The california cut ($69) was just right for us. It's the smallest portion and i suggest you go with that, even if you're a guy. Because you'll be finishing up your lady's.
If you're celebrating your birthday, they provide a free birthday desert and 50% off an ala carte main course. The meats are not considered ala carte. All the "maids" surround you and sing you a birthday song LOUDLY as they present you the "cake". How cool, i don't have to sing then! They also take a photo for you and email it to you later. Certainly a pleasant birthday experience for someone who deserves it.

The bill ain't cheap though. The service staff is so well-trained that they try all sorts to upsell you items. Thinking that the coffee was provided in the course, we said yes. Only to find that tiny cup costs $7! Well, not that we're misers..but we actually didn't need that coffee because we were SO STUFFED! But being typical kiasu Singapore, free must take mah!
I have a penchant for unique stuff. For awhile, my mobile ringing tone was a cat mewing. I love carrying this handbag with it.
And then at the very posh Lawry's, i had to embarrass the birthday boy by bringing my dead chicken handbag.
It looks good as a clutch too! Age is just a number.

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