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Monday, March 29, 2010

Can Singapore Really Dance with Delight?

My mum as any anxious parent would enroll me into dance at an early stage. We were taught to plaster on our forced smiles and no matter what, ALWAYS SMILE even if you forgot your steps, even if you miss a step, even if you don’t want to smile.

The reasons why I did dance was

1) in Nanyang Primary, if you’re not in dance, you have to have hair as short as a boy’s.

2) parents have this prophecy whereby if they didn’t do this when they’re young, their children are meant to fulfil that dream they have. Guess my mum always wanted to play with fans and think she’s some Chinese fairy

3) we get to skip classes for performances and we can play with make-up (but boy i hate those rosy cheeks and super red lipsticks! Nude is IN now MUM!!)

But my Chinese dance teacher was exasperated with having me on her hands and complained to my mum I was such e lazy arse! At least, I made the teacher happy and mum proud by keeping my fake smile.
Nowadays, tt seems like smiles no longer set the stage for dance competitions. Like what i saw on Sat, outside Takashimaya at the Dance Delight heats. The FIERCER you are, the better you intimidate the judges. To prevent wetting their pants, they quickly give you the best scores so they can rush off to release themselves.
Singapore has long been ridiculed about us not having real talent. I.E our winning table tennis players being imported etc. With Dance Delight now recruiting in Singapore, the winning team will compete internationally in Japan with the best from other nations.

And if you ever drink some other dubious sparkling beverage other than F&N, be sure this instructional dance video will come useful.

I have heard of learn English audio tapes and I have seen instructional dance videos. Here’s what you get when both combined. The ingenious Japanese comes up with learning English and exercising at the same time.

I think i discovered the training secrets of Japan's Dance Delight team.

How will Singapore compare in the international compeition? Watch this space.

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