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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quintessential Facial Vs Facial

I’ve been going for facials since I was 15. I was acne plagued during my puberty years and my mum believed that facials could help. So she took me to a friend’s salon at Far East Plaza and it costs $50 per session without much frills.

It was painful but the sessions did not eradicate my acne problem, in fact I felt really ugly immediately after the facial because my face was red with extraction scars (temporary) all over.

I always had to wear a cap after the treatment, trying to hide my face as much as possible on the way home because I wouldn’t want to be caught by friends in Orchard.

The hideousness lasts on average 3 days.

I remember lamenting to the facial therapist this isn’t helping and the nice old lady told me to pray and put pictures of porcelain skin around my room so that I can envision myself like that. Quite an alternative healing.

Then I gained financial independence at 19 and sort out my own facial salon. It was a major chain with numerous branches within Asia and I signed a package with my first paycheck.

Slowly, it got my acne problem under control.

I tried finding for old pictures with my bad skin but alas there is none digital. I remember being insecure and wasn’t such a cam whore back then.

After spending about $2000 on treatments, my skin started improving.

Slowly, I started getting less and lesser pimples. Since 2 years ago, I started walking out of the salon head held up high without any redness at all. I thought, could this be true? I didn’t mind being “caught” in Orchard now.

I’ve been with that facial salon for almost 7 years now with trials at other salons in between, their treatments remained status quo but until I experienced the Quintessential facial, I wouldn’t know better. Though I could walk out without any redness, I knew my face wasn’t supple and smooth like a baby’s bottom. I could FEEL the little bumps beneath even if they weren’t visible as pimples.
The regular facial at most salons are usually luxurious with shoulder massage, hand paraffin and all that jazz. At Porcelain, you may not necessary get all that (although you get a foot soak if you’re early for appointments) but the time spent on peripherals elsewhere is spent on extractions at Porcelain.

Porcelain Face Spa believes in extraction and their extraction method is a long, tedious and highly skillful.

It was torture to me to lie still for 2 hours of treatment time but the torture was WELL WORTH for porcelain skin.

Admittedly, I was hideous after the treatment but located at Outram was less likely to be spotted. Besides, the MRT was just across the street for an quick escape.

But a day later, the redness was gone and my skin was smooth, I could feel no little bumps AT ALL!

It’s a miracle. Experience yours at Porcelain Face Spa.

P.S I just looked online and they are having an online promotion. Instead of $200 for a Quintessential Facial, it’s $68 now. My therapist is Joanne, in case you’re asking.


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