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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Asian BF vs Ang Moh BF

I wonder why there're more stereotypes about Asians than Westerners. Other than calling the Westerners Ang Moh (which is not degradtory in my opinion) and thinking they're more promiscious, that's about it. Then again, i guess there are stereotypes about the Ang Mohs according to their nationality.E.G everything about the Americans is super sized.

If you haven't youtube Russell Peters, you should. He's HILARIOUS. Esp the racist episode, mainly on his own race (Indian).

My dear friend who is in a mixed race relationship himself, tagged this video to his gf in FB. I thought it was very nicely done. The average looking Asian dude actually has a hot ang moh gf!
 Rarely western girls go for asian guys, but that's because they really don't know what they're missing! Asian men might not be tall and tough, double eyelid with a strong jaw but they're very doting and responsible. And traditional Asian man always feels the responsibility to provide! They could, however be more possesive and see the woman as the subserviant role.

That being said, it's universal that men do cheat. Regardless of race. But i've always thought that if an Asian man cheat, he tend to keep it under wraps because face value is very important to the yellow skin. It is considered shameful, plus the Aunties will talk. However, if its a westerner who cheats, he comes clean and confesses because well they're more "honest" in that sense. But of course, there're those who do it without a guilty conscience.
Ironically, Asian women will prefer NOT to know about the man's unfaithful actions, or pretend not to know though. In China, a man's success is determined by the number of mistresses he keeps.
They're both my friends and although they weren't match-made by me, i still feel kinda honoured i witnessed them officially getting together. My housemate (the girl) came home tipsy one night, and the boy being the typical Asian man who doesn't take advantage sent her home and called me out to receive her. I think the girl never expected to be with an Asian, but guess what..she did..and she ain't looking back.

This Asian  boyfriend  took her to cities to introduce his culture, bought her many presents,played the perfect boyfriend in many ways and his parents dote on her too. His mum cooks for her, his aunt does her nails, his sister does her hair..and i'm exaggerating. So, if we have SPGs, that what is an Asian boy with an Ang Moh girl? If SPGS are judged, why are the men not judged?

Shyanne asked me if there's any different dating an Asian and an Ang Moh. Well, i don't really have many boyfriends to compare. I only had 2, the first being Chinese Singaporean and i was attached to him for 3 years. My current one is Eurasian, so that don't make me an SPG does it?
I would think though that an Asian woman might be more submissive than the Ang Moh version. Thus, the many Ang Mohs who have the yellow fever. I once witnessed an Ang Moh husband who asked his wife to get him a beer, she shot him a dirty look and immediately he apologised and said he'll clean the dishes!
Let's see...
My boyfriend

  1. never judges me even when i tell him my most evil thoughts

  2. laughs when i "misbehave" in public (while the Chinese guy will probably think i "throw his face" by acting un-ladylike? OK, i can't generalise. There was this one Ang Moh date who FROWNED at me when my chair screeched in the posh restaurant as i got up. I then subsequently squirted the hot Tiger prawn juice in his eye when i tried to de-shell with my fork and knife. That was the last time he asked me out.) I would use my hands and LICK my fingers after, and my boyfriend still would love me as i am...err...HOPEFULLY.

  3. is not possessive. He understands due to my character, i tend to have more male friends than females. He supports my social life but shows jealousy at appropriate times. My Chinese ex called me a slut when i went roller-blading with 2 male friends (but not behind his back!). It was very hurtful, having your bf label you that.

  4. has better fashion sense. Most Chinese men think its embarrassing to be labeled as metrosexual because that's just gay.

  5. is not boring because he has more experiences to share. Because of their culture to move out at 17, they've seen more/done more compared to the Singaporeans who move out when they get married.

  6. is good looking. Let's admit it, all Asian girls dream about mating with an Ang Moh. Not because we're SPGs, but for the fact of producing mixed babies! Look at Denise Keller, Shan Wee etc.

  7. cooks all the time.

  8. washes the dishes....OCCASSIONALLY. Normally, the girl cooks AND wash for the Chinese men.

  9. does not carry a woman's handbag which we see very commonly in Singapore.

  10. makes decisions. When i was younger, one of my laments about men was why aren't they decisive enough?! Our conversations are always like this
Girl: Go where?  Guy: Up to you.
Girl:xxx?            Guy: Anything

Girl: Eat what?  Guy: Up to you.
Girl: xxx?          Guy: Anything.

Then, i figured maybe the men are just being nice! Letting you have your pick. In actual fact, it irks me. Indecisive men irritates me, which is why i am turned on by men in uniform. They are strict, disciplined and assertive, supposedly.

As i grow older and starting going out with older men, i realised age matters! I love it that my boyfriend orders me drinks when he knows i know nuts about them. He decides what i will like based on my character and orders accordingly. It's like having a personal drink mixed for you.
I can go on and on about his qualities but honestly, i really don't think a certain race makes a better partner.

Ang Moh or not, if a man cherishes and treasures me...
He is my man.
Jealousy in romance is like salt in food. A little can enhance the savor, but too much can spoil the pleasure.

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Edge said...

Which is why I'd never date or marry an Asian girl

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