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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Arabian Night

This birthday boy is always so generous with his parties. Last year, he hosted the 70s theme. This year, it's Ali Baba.
The very nicely decorated Nabins found at Sultan Gate (near Arab Street).
Sisah available, take someone there for a different environment.
The lamb was tender, there was quite a selection. I recycled my $55 Indian dress which i will otherwise only wear once. Suits the theme mah!
He also had a belly dancer employed. She's so sexy that i have a sudden urge to learn belly dancing too!
I've a friend who  is absolutely obsessed with fitness, that he MUST have a woman with a flat tummy. But i'd like to ask him, if he has a girl THAT sensual but alas she has a slight tummy (although she makes that tummy sensual with belly dance), will he accept? I haven't got the answer. Got to ask him first.
On a seperate note, i think it's always easier for guys to know girls if a) they have a dog or b) they are in costume.

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