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Thursday, March 18, 2010


In the height of the Jack Neo saga (who remains number one on search engines), there's actually a reality show on catching cheating partners. In these days, anything can be spun off for entertainment.

One has to be cheated on, to know what it feels. It's shattering, heart breaking and heart wrenching.It takes a strong woman to recover from the hurt, it takes a hopeful man to believe in relationships again.

Still,it's rather entertaining to watch. As with the voyeuristic generation now, it's fun to watch as long as it's not happening to you.

This video shows that men not necessarily choose a hotter woman to cheat with. The wife, however, is one of the calmest victim, albeit like Jack Neo's wife.

It's not only men who cheat,but women do too. Look at this two-timer.She plays the blame game some more!

A very strict principle that i set myself with is to never make excuses/reasons to cheat. If you're unhappy in your relationship, feeling emotionally/physically unsatisfied, either communicate this with your partnership and seek solutions otherwise JUST break up. Do not let the problems boil within you till you slowly find yourself gravating towards someone new. A common practice of humans are you know that person you're with right now is not ideal, yet you still stay on because you're waiting for that someone ideal.Its human's nature to put one's self first,and the insecurity you feel (what if that ideal person just NEVER happens?)Does that mean you'll settle for second best?

It gets better and better. There're all sorts of cheaters out there. This fight! Wife sees mistress as enemy at first. Towards the end, both women joined forces and turned on the man. But this one hor..look suspiciously exaggerated and scripted.It's a different host too but same concept. They ALWAYS start off with the excuse "She's/He's ONLY A FRIEND!" I hate liars. If you did it, be a man and own up.

To a man, even if you don't sleep with another man, so long as you feel emotionally attached, he deems you guilty. So i wonder to a woman, does it feel a teeny bit better if it's a stripper that he's cheating with? Because it's not emotional? This guy is still so relaxed man! Nonchalent. Grrr...gets my blood boiling.

Guess it's not any better!Could be worse. You think your man's dirty, you worry if he brought home some disease. Then again, strippers and hookers could be cleaner than the regular girl. Because it's their profession, they're strict in getting regular check-ups etc.

The puppets do a spoof.

Back to the better host, i like this guy!He's like this justice seeking mediator. It's amusing though, towards the end of the clip, they advertise an ONLINE COMMUNITY for NO Cheaters!Create your online profile and meet like-minded singles.Fun & easy way to meet a faithful single in your area. This is the most exciting video, complete with "sex scenes" and involved a child.

Although all is fair in love and war, (they're not married yet) but it is downright despicable cheating on your best friend with her boyfriend. If you had told her BEFORE doing anything....maybe just maybe it could be better.

I know of a friend who's boyfriend cheated on with her SISTER! Guess what, he made her sister pregnant somemore!

You know, some people after having a cheating experience can't trust again. It brings paranoia into the next relationship.To some, they don't believe in marriage anymore.

When you're a victim, if you do give a second chance (nothing wrong in believing in second chances (because he/she says he/she looooves you. *rolls eyes*) no matter how many of your friends say to ditch him/her.It really ain't easy), for a long while you will use that affair as your trump card.

You keep playing it because you know he/she'll feel guilty and thus you have the upper hand. However, when you choose to forgive a cheating lover, you have to just let go. Soon, that trump card will lose its power and the relationship will just deterioate because he/she can't stay guilty forever. He/she will just feel beaten over and over again and decide to just move along, if it makes you happier. So if you really do want to give a second chance, then sincerely give it.

And please, don't take revenge. Or it'll end up a viscious cycle. I always believe other may do you wrong, but you should never do others wrong. At least you've a clear conscience.

For the cheating partners, know that you have betrayed your lover's trust. No matter how justified your cheating reason might be, it IS wrong. For that, you've to repay with patience and perseverance that it'll take time to heal her/his broken heart and to trust again. Times, you'll be exasperated because they keep using the trump card but persevere because you need to prove you deserve that second chance.

Rule of the thumb, never do something against your conscience. You'll get found out, some way or another. My friend caught his wife cheating, he was RIGHT BEHIND she and her lover in Orchard Road. Talk about coincidence.
Why can't humans stop being monkeys, and learn to be like the penguin? They are known to mate for life. Penguins are known for their monogamy, sacrifice and child-rearing.
Although the Emporer penguin is one of the rare few who does not mate for life, but it is still a serial mater (throughout the mating season, same partner).

The Emperor Penguins use a particular spot as their breeding ground because it is on ice that is solid year round and there is no danger of the ice becoming too soft to support the colony.

After the female lays that ONE egg, she transfers it to the feet of the waiting male with a minimal exposure to the elements, as the intense cold will kill the developing embryo. The male tends to the egg when the female returns to the sea, now even farther away, both in order to feed herself and to obtain extra food for feeding her chick when she returns.
For an additional two months, the males huddle together for warmth, and incubate their eggs. Talk about house husbands!
The ingenious fight against starvation is a recurring during this reproduction process. Here's a fun game that pretty much follows the process of hatching. Tip: make your penguin go round in tight circles, like this you make your egg warm faster and you avoid things knocking into you.
This will be my wedding gift to friends now. I will make them by hand, using felt. To remind the newly-wed couple to be like the penguins. It's not only doggie style ;p
Sometimes, you've to take a leap of faith.
“Penguins mate for life. That doesn't surprise me much because they all look alike. It's not like they're going to meet a really new, great looking penguin someday.”

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