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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why we Travel

I want to swim with the whales in Tonga, I want to see the great white shark in Cape Town, I want to sleep in an igloo & catch an aurora in Lapland. I want to tiptoe into North Korea, I want to trek Tibet, I want to be imprisoned in Sweden. Finally, I want to search for happiness in Bhutan.

When I travel, I find the world so vast. Will I ever finish it all? Every journey begins with a step. I long to learn and understand the world.

I don't know of anyone who dislikes travelling (maybe one or two). I think it's in our blood, to wanderlust. I'm desperate to break the routine of familiarity. I crave escapism, indulgence and excitement.

It isn't just going on holiday a week or two, but for the travel to be effective on the mind, you have to stay for a longer period of time. I remember asking someone over lunch "where've you been to & what've you experienced?" They rattled off their travel destinations, recalling memories of the good food and beautiful scenery. I probed deeper, wanting to know about honour killings and homosexuality in that region they travelled. They stared back blankly at me and then someone deftly switched the topic. I? I went back to staring down at my hummus, thinking "damn, now i have to go read online myself."

People who have lived abroad are more likely to solve classic psychological tasks, indicating greater open-minded ness. Those who live abroad can identify multiple uses for individual objects while those with little experience of other cultures struggle to do so. Like using shower caps to hold your shoes to save space!

Ok, i lied. I'm well-read.

To bring about this open minded ness and enhanced creative thinking requires a cultural shift to a destination with different ways of life and thinking.

Being in a comfortable city like Singapore makes me lazy.

I'm leaving Singapore for 8 months and i'm already receiving leaflets on information if i need counselling after my move. They were afraid i couldn't cope with the relocation. Perhaps, i'll break down because of loneliness and i can only cry out to the Alps. My echo will be my only solace. I think i'll need counselling when i return. A bad reaction to crowds.

I'm ready for my hobbit adventure, fly to far-off lands and return with creativity and greater knowledge. Physically putting distance between myself and home, making me a more effective thinker.

Not without taking along comfort food like Milo, Nong Shim and roti prata.

Distance gives an intellectual release, familiar people, environment and routine restrict our thoughts.

I am ready.

1 comment:

Silver said...

Gawd it's been something I've been wanting to do for years! Please have fun on my behalf, and maybe somewhere along those 8 months you might find me with u. ^^

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