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Monday, May 6, 2013

Natural Enhancement the Tokyo Bust Express Way


Big breasts are a fantasy to most men and women. Apart from genes, nutrition during a girl’s puberty plays a part on her cup size. My Malay friend swears on eating a chicken drumstick daily while my Chinese friend swears it’s her boyfriend who helped massaged her babies for 4 years.

Everyone has their method, some even resorting to plastic surgery. 

For the less well-endowed women, Tokyo Bust Express has treatments that use phytoestrogen found in plants to help build the breast tissue to be bigger, firmer and shapelier.

Does it work? I went to find out at City Square Mall (B2-39).

With a little apprehension, the consultant explained to me the science behind the treatment. With a massage technique mastered from Japan coupled with cutting edge technology and serums that is made from natural ingredients like Fenugreek, Mexican Wild Yam Root, Humulu Lupulus and Dang Gui Root.

We candidly talked about my breasts.

The breast model seemed to be mocking at me from her photo frame.
After patiently listening to my desires for a fuller, larger size and answering my questions about the treatment, my consultant, Taylor, asks me to disrobe and examines my breasts.

When I disrobed, she immediately pointed out that I was wearing the wrong bra. I learned that ¾ cup bras give the best support; the one I was wearing was too small. I sheepishly admitted that I downsized on purpose because I wanted an overspill of boobs to give the illusion that I had big breasts!

Wearing the wrong bra and not wearing bras at home will result in sagging. Our breasts start sagging from age 18 and accelerate when we hit 25.

No wonder my male friend once said, “all breasts are the same without bras.”

They SAG.
Before treatment, Taylor measured my naked chest against the wall and drew where my nipples were. While I’m a modest cup B, my breasts are a tad spaced out, heading east and westwards. Because I haven’t been watching the type of bras I’m wearing, unsightly rolls of fat, sometimes known as “armpit fat” has accumulated. 
I made myself comfortable in the room, the rose petals made it feel like my wedding night. 

A firming scrub on my breasts was first done to remove dead skin cell for better penetration. A padding machine is then used on me. It is like 2 rubber pads placed on my breasts and they send mild electric pulses at the lower circumference of my breasts upwards as if giving it a push UP.

The breast massage that came later was slightly uncomfortable but bearable. An unusual firm pressure was exerted; it was also ticklish because my rib cage was being rubbed. The aim of the massage is to help boost circulation and helps in detoxification. A better circulation prevents bust-related illnesses such as cysts, lumps and even help to prevent cancer.

Then suction therapy is applied. This is two suction cups placed on my breasts and a light circular suction is felt. This helps in shaping the breast to be rounder and stimulates the mammary glands to make it fuller.

I drifted in and out of dreamy sleep during the treatment.

It isn’t as relaxing as going to the spa, but still I drifted in and out of dreamy sleep during the treatment.
Finally, a heated mask is placed to help penetrate all the serums applied deeper.

I woke up to visible results of my breast enhancement. I stood against the wall naked again for a measurement and my nipples were marked. They both moved about an inch upwards, indicating a lift. My armpit fat diminished a little and my breasts gave a rounder appearance. I am surprised and I’m sold on natural enhancement. 

However, results only last 1-2 weeks and to make it permanent, one is expected to go for 5-10 treatments. Not all women seeking treatment are flat chest, some come for health reasons (promote circulation), some to shape back their breasts after childbirth or with age.

 I walk out convinced, happier and more confident.

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Answer a simple question here and Tokyo Express Bust customer service officers will contact you for an appointment.

T&C apply
-       Only females above 18 years old
-       Strictly by appointment only
-       Valid for 2 months

Location (Tokyo Bust Express) 

City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road #B2-39
Park Mall, 9 Penang Road #11-06
Nex Mall, 23 Serangoon Central #03-32
 Novena Square 2, 10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111

Feel free to call 62626161 if you have any question for Tokyo Bust Express!

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