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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Best Moisturizer for Asian Skin

I used to dislike slathering on face moisturizer because i have oily skin and they make me break out. Yet a woman's skin cannot do without moisturizer as this is what keeps our skin youthful. I found Porcelain Face Spa's PURE botanical soothing gel the right moisturizer for my oily skin, especially in Singapore's humid weather.
Most moisturizers are creams. I was advised by my facial therapist to switch to moisturizers that are water-based. I searched and despite some creams claiming to be water-based, i still worry a break-out. PURE is a clear light liquid moisturizer and one pump is enough to cover my pixie face. Without much of a fragrance (more natural?) , my skin is matte after it is absorbed.
The best part is i don't look greasy after a long day out! It is also hydrating enough to last throughout. Porcelain Face Spa's skincare is carefully researched and developed by mother and daughter who have been in the beauty industry for ages.
Not only do i use their products, it is where i get my regular facial treatment too. For clear skin, to go make-up free.

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