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Sunday, April 21, 2013

I'm pretty Asian.

People often say i'm a Westerner trapped in an Asian body because i am quite of a wild child. I've never once wished i'm something else other than Asian. 

Reasons i Love being Asian
1. Elixir of Youth
We may be slit eyed and single lid, but life is fair, we age more gracefully than our western counterparts. As much as we protect ourselves from the sun with skincare and brollies, we are also naturally more resistant to the sun.

2. Masters of the Household
My mum is a traditional conservative Asian woman, which made me grow up with the belief that it's a woman's duty to keep the house in order and fill the man's tummy with healthy food.

3. No balding
I used to treat my puffy mushroom hair head with disdain. It was wavy and wouldn't be straight. Every hairdresser would also comment how thick and unmanageable it is. However, i've grown to embrace my wavy bangs.

4. Rich Sense of Culture and Heritage

I love regaling my western friends the superstitions as well as the quirks and culture of the Chinese. Chinese New Year is my favourite time of the year, despite it being filled with boring sitting in relatives-i-see-once-a-year's living rooms and staring at the TV which probably isn't playing anything good.

5. The Air of Mystery

They may never have visited our part of the world but both female and male Caucasians put tattoos of Chinese characters on their bodies. I haven't seen an Asian with a singular English word tattooed. Our features are also less expressive, anatomically our face is constructed that way, making us mysterious sex symbols.

Yet at the same time, there ARE things i dislike about being Chinese too, but they are mindsets that can be changed, giving us the best of both worlds.

Photo series by good friend


Walking In May said...

Fabulous photos and lovely to see the spurs of vintage. And I do agree we should definite appreciate our own heritage no matter where our lineage may have come from. Have a lovely start to the week!

Unknown said...

thanks may!

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