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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Learning Aerial Dance

When in Phuket, i went to the clubs. My Israeli friend made a passing comment that Asians can't dance. I held back my tongue but demonstrated my undulating hips when i hit Tiger Club (don't ask).

The next morning, i asked him, "SO, can Asians dance?"
He pondered and replied, "you surely did lit the dance floor on fire."

I used to suck at dancing. I'm ACTUALLY shy.
I'm gonna faaaaall.
I think i still suck at dancing, but trying my hand at pole and exotic dancing out of curiousity have built my confidence on the dance floor. It was an eye opener just to see the types of women streaming through the studio's doors anyway.

I was expecting sex pots signing up for such classes, but boy am i surprised. All women of shapes and sizes, looking fugly or like geeks came to learn. Men's cruel comment would be "well, they're the ones who have to try harder."

Exotic and lap dancing is where i found my hips. Pole dancing and aerial dancing is where i found my biceps and abs. Pole dancing is no easy feat and they should be a category in Olympics, rather than seen as a sleazy thing. Damn to those raised judgemental eyebrows.

I'm a jack of all trades, master of none.The latest i've caught on is aerial dance!
My instructor, a mixed beauty.

OMY caught one of the training sessions here.
Video embedded at the end of post.
"Strength is when you try"


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