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Thursday, April 4, 2013

An Introduction to Kiehl's


I've always thought that Kiehl's is a male skincare brand. After all, there's ulzzang blogger Yutaki touting it.

I found out from George on how to be Young.
With George Young.
I thought aging starts at 25, i was wrong. With some wit, some say aging starts since birth but skincare analysts say again starts at 20.
Young bulldog.
Old bulldog.
To test if your skin is still youthful, you poke your check with a finger. It should feel QQ, like fish-balls. Thankfully, i started monthly facials since i'm 17. I only diligently start a disciplined skincare regime in my early 20s.
There's a new product in town!
Do you read labels?

I do.

I read the labels on what i eat, i read the labels on what i use. I'm heavily influenced by my parents to care about what goes onto my skin and into my body. I want the purest, the best quality and i'm pleased to know Khiel's is another brand who uses the finest naturally derived ingredients. 

Look at its Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol Free toner! It has reminiscence of the marigold flower petals. I feel like drinking it, it looks like 茶.
Apparently, copper and calcium is the latest thing in skincare now. Khiel's uses it's latest lab technology and expertise since 160 years ago to produce a new range of anti-aging products.
It is SPF 30 too! 2 in 1, reduces vanity table space!!

If you haven't got a skincare regime, the good news is that because Kiehl's is gaining quick popularity across the world, they have decided to REDUCE their prices so that more can remain youthful. This is unheard of! With inflation and increasing costs on EVERYTHING, how can this be? But it's fortunately true, prices are reduced up to 30%.

You can walk into any Khiel's store to discover.

Let the human race not age.

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