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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Things that irks me about Bloggers

Just this afternoon, i overheard a lady in her late 30s telling her friends "there're soooo many bloggers these days..."

Back in those Orchard Road days where anyone who took some studio shots, never mind if they never made it to cover page or a runway, they call themselves a model.

Today, everyone is a blogger. Well, almost. Worldwide, there is an estimated 10 million blogs, growing at a rate of 38,000 a day with a new one reportedly created every 2.2 seconds.

In Singapore, Technorati estimates 15,000 blogs with 220,000 blog entries mentioning Singapore. These are figures from 2005 so we can bet the numbers have grown.

Back in those days where bad customer service is faced with a "I'll write to the media!" create trembling fear, today it's social media brands fear.

Bloggers are celebrities, and like celebrities, there are the A-listers, B-listers and so on. The A-listers win the popularity contest, the B-listers work hard trying to climb the ladder, the rest exist as a speck in the blogosphere (the wannabes). It is very much like high school.

The huge difference between blogging for leisure VS blogging for profit is that the latter makes you an ugly person.

I understand we're all in Sales. Each day millions of people earn their keep by convincing someone else to make a purchase. There's car insurance, life insurance, newborn insurance, yet-to-be-born insurance and also pet insurance! In fact, each and every one of us spends time trying to persuade others to part with resources - money, time, attention - though most of the time we don't realise we're doing it. Like parents selling their kids to bed, us selling ourselves to bosses for a promotion. In astonishing numbers, today we go online to sell ourselves on Facebook, Twitter and in Instagram.

So yes, i can understand. Still, the Type of Bloggers i Detest are:

1. The Self Centered
There are bloggers who do anything and everything to be famous. That includes making use of "friends" to get invitations, being chummy but never returning favours and/or participating in dating activities that has media coverage despite being attached or engaged.

2. The Narcisstic
To the Instagram pictures announcing said self have no make-up; Nude is used by the cosmetics industry USING make-up to create the barely-there look. If you want to be au naturel, it really means naked. So, strip!

3. The Name Dropper
There're bloggers who are overly eager to befriend the A-listers, hoping some of their stardust will fall. Stop trying so hard.

4. The Shameless
I've heard conversations between bloggers like "you should start a blog so you can get advertisers," "let's go email xxx, i'm sure we can get free holidays," "they're bound to sponsor us because we're bloggers."

Kudos to those who at least try to be discreet, "oh you know, if you want me to heeeeelp you advertise, JUST let meeee know."

5. The Diva
Then, there are those who asks to be paid to go on a sponsored holiday. ER, HELLO ARE YOU BEYONCE?

Controversial post but before you post a judgmental comment, I'll say it myself first. Maybe i am a pot calling the kettle black.


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