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Monday, April 8, 2013

Blog for Money

For the people who came last week to the auditorium of SPH, i felt i may have short changed you. Many bloggers came wanting to know how to make money from blogging, but 3 out of the 4 panelists are not self-employed. In unison, we insist (or maybe we are not brave enough to admit) that we blog for leisure than for profit.
Wasn't talking about making money, so i fell asleep on stage (2nd from the right)
Blogging started as a hobby and still is but I DO love the freebies, the occasional extra cash AND THE FREE HOLIDAYS! However, i also prefer to eat my food hot than to be preoccupied with photography. If it is indeed (food) porn, shouldn't you shut your eyes, savor and smile with satisfaction in private?

In Singapore, reading blogs is popular. Myself found ideas of things to do, products to use, places to go via blogs. Also, i think we read famous bloggers' blogs because we secretly envy them. Gossip is addictive.

Thus, bloggers serve a purpose for brands. They create awareness and they influence readers.When do you start charging then? When you become a CURATOR OF AWESOMENESS.

How to become a curator of awesomeness?

Be Curious
Be the first to try out new social media platforms, keep on top of trends and read a lot. Reading not only improves your writing skills, it also inspires you with blogging topics. Being an early adopter of social media platforms also gives you a head start in amassing followers, figures that gives you the negotiating power later.

I spend many dateless nights just surfing the internet. Most of the time, i end up in the weird sections of Youtube that inspires me to write what-the-hell topics.

Movies inspire me too, i wrote my own rendition after watching Apple of my Eye. Reviewing unique experiences also make good content, like visiting a strip club.

When you have awesomeness in your life, you start accumulating followers. There's this blog, as well as
  • Twitter — 1,093 followers
  • Facebook — 1, 184 friends(join 224 followers if i do not know you personally, you will still be able to view my updates)
  • Instagram — 695 followers
  • Brand ambassador for Porcelain Face Spa
  • Social media consultant for an MNC
  • Speaker at PANASONIC "how to be a great blogger"
  • Speaker at CNA BlogTV
  • Panel speaker at OMY networking session
  • Co-host on CH 8's Share Something with Bryan Wong
  • Media trip to Gold Coast with Scoot
  • Media trip to Hong Kong with Canon
  • Media trip to climbing Kota Kinabalu
  • Winning Super Blogger 2012
I'm not a well-known blogger like Straits Times wrote me as, but still, i am blessed to have these opportunities. However, if you want to be a blogger, you need to handle the heat. Had a mini seizure when i heard from a friend i am being talked about on EDMW, a very popular site with Singaporeans. Not the most positive comments were already made in the forums, but now, on a Facebook page?!? I then read what the hype was about. While taking a sarcastic dig at me, i do found the article well written and pretty damn funny that i'm actually proud to be mentioned.

In an ending note, the real secret to my little success? It is the OMG effect.

You can find the videos from the panel session on Youtube.


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