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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Face Yoga, a fad?

If you don't already know, i'm pretty sporty.
I'm game to try anything new.

Most recent was aerial dance, and then drums alive.
I've yet to try laughing yoga, but late 2012, ABCnews reported that Face Yoga is the new, natural anti-aging trend.

I used to have 2 colleagues in their mid 30s who are the best of friends, sitting side by side. They make each other laugh a lot, yet they also fear of getting crow's feet from all that laughter. I observed a strange habit of theirs whenever they laughed. They would use their second finger and pull back at the sides of their eyes as they laugh.

Like this
This move can sometimes be judged as racist.

Little did this two simple-minded, happy-go-lucky ex-colleagues of mine know that they were sitting (or rather practicing) on a business potential.

Facial yoga was developed by Annelise Hagen, of New York Yoga. By making the "fish face", the "lion face" or the "satchmo", it been scientifically proven that the muscular activity helps to prolong the production of collagen and elastin, which makes your face firm and springy.

This new fad is all the rage now in America, i chanced upon a SUPER HILARIOUS face yoga series by KFC SA.

Didn't they say laughter is the best medicine?

They even did a commercial for face yoga mat!
Is Face Yoga for Real?

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