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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Brow Perfect

Painting skin is not quite my forte. If I'm pressed for time in the shower room, i can even put on my make-up with one hand while my other holds the hair dryer. It's not skill, it's because i never knew elaborate make-up.

This is done by a professional make-up artist at a TEENS magazine shoot and i assume this is how my brow should look like. 

After all, 

But when i draw on my own, it's far from getting it professionally drawn.
Then i received the Perfect Brow kit (now $128.40, u.p $191.80) from Erabelle.
It includes
1. A brow pencil ($34.24)
Delivers precise, natural lines to create perfectly defined brows. Its highly pigmented formula ensures long-lasting hold.

2. An eyebrow techno tweezer ($61)
Specially fabricated with a unique polymer tip to provide added protection to skin. It won't hurt if you accidentally pinch your skin! The expensive price is justified by the manufacturer Rubis, who is Swiss tweezer maker known for their quality and precision.

3. A sharpener ($10)
That sharpens to perfect point with no wastage.

4. An eyebrow scissor ($56)
Expertly crafted by Swiss maker Rubis again with fine curve cutting edge.

5. An eyebrow comb and brush ($5)
All packed in a feminine black pouch.

Now, i'm equipped to draw the perfect brow!
 My oval face should have a soft arch with some thickness.
This is how you should angle your pencil to know where you should lengthen your brow till. Shade in till a balanced thickness.

The other end of the brow pencil has a brush to even out the colour. My old pencil never had this brush!

Here's my improved brow! It's not drawn as thick as the first picture because my make-up isn't as heavy as a photo-shoot.

Win 1 of the 5 Erabelle long lasting brow pencil (dark brown) i have for you! 

Email me your name, mailing address and what you hope i'll blog about to win.
Contest ends 27th July 2012.

Erabelle also provide spa as well as cosmetic artistry services like semi-permanent brow,eye liner and lip colour.

Erabelle Outlets
#02-25 Bugis Junction Tel: 6883 1151
#03*27 Bedok Point Tel: 6753 2322
#01-06 Vision Crest Commercial Tel: 6836 8388
#02-01 Vivo City Tel: 6376 8336

Let Erabelle help you with instant beauty. The girl below is not me but now i know what that comb is for!!! I've always thought why would my eyebrows need a comb. It never tangles.

1. Shenny Fu
2. Rex Lee
3. Xin


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