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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Naked Food Review

First, there was Kinki, where you find orgasmic $15 sushi pieces topped with foie gras, caviar and the likes.

Just opened is The Naked Finn. The adage old theory of "sex sells" still works. It made me curious. Despite the website boasting of "procuring the best quality seafood, cooked simply, and most importantly, priced reasonably." The word "Naked" was what whet my appetite.

Arriving last night at 41 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, it reminds me of Klee that has since closed down at Portsdown Road. Rumour says that The Naked Finn is an reincarnation of Klee, however the food at Klee wasn't memorable. Yuppies frequent that place for bespoke cocktails. I remember my customised passionfruit cocktail at Klee made my head swim, in a good way (or maybe it was the lack of food).

The Naked Finn sits no more than 20 indoors and about 10 more outdoors. You ought to make reservations to avoid disappointments (+65 6694 0807). If you like sitting at the bar & seeing hands at work, the kitchen behind the bar is see-through. Naked is certainly not a brick-and-motar place, with the walls "made of plastic sheets", you could look up and see the aluminium roof outside. It gave a glasshouse effect, with the twinkling of warm orange lights.

Feeling very exclusive, Monday night saw 4 couples dining.

I ordered a Korean pear with Hendricks Gin to cool down upon arrival but i preferred his choice, which was honeydew paired with sake and another alcohol i can't remember ($20 each). The signature cocktails came shaken, not stirred, like a potent slurpee. The drink lasted me through dinner at -12 degrees.

The menu looked European with pretentious names. Grilled Indian octupus with salt & olive oil, Flambe live Japanese little necks in home-made barramudi broth. Clams are clams, maybe i'm not chi-chi enough. At least i learned some seafood names and a great treath to have the breadth of seafood choices.

However, nothing needs to be consumed through a straw. No foam, no gold flakes. It was a pleasant surprise there was an Asian twist to Naked! As we ordered a single serve ($8) of the octupus, the clams ($18) & a pan-fried lemon sole whole ($35) to share, the vivacious waiter asked if we would like some cold vermicilli to go along ($4). The vermicilli is boiled, lightly tossed with perhaps sesame oil & soya sauce then garnished with finely chopped chives. We were also presented with 4 sauces as dips: lemongrass, belachan, sea salt and dark soya sauce.

The Indian octupus is my favourite, the clams were big and juicy but i found it abit too fishy. The seaweed flakes that came with the pan-fried virgin oil lemon sole was a nice combination. You hardly need the sauces to taint the taste of the fresh seafood but the belachan does go very well with the bee hoon.

The Naked Finn is alot healthier than chilli crab, and as their website boasts, you do pay for what it’s worth. Like how a lady should dress and keep some mystery, “less is only more, where more is no good”.

Virgin, unspoiled, Naked could just be the next Newton Circus to get seafood.

P.S a genuine foodie eats undisturbed , which means no food pictures were taken.

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