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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beauty Soup found at Plaza Singapura

The Bijin Nabe (borderline vulgar) is a combination of the freshest vegtables, seafood and chicken cooked in golden Jidori chicken soup. A healthy and very generous dose of collagen is the key to unlocking the secret of beautiful skin by drinking the pot dry.
The soup is stewed until the chicken bones are fully dissolved and then allowed to cool to room temperature. The soup then turns into a smooth and silky pudding that is super rich in collagen.
The 美人锅 is the latest thing at Plaza Singapura, one is likely to queue up to an hour to get a seat.

However, it's worthwhile if you ain't famished! For $25++ each, you get a platter of fresh vegetables, meat and noodles to cook them yourself! The soup is rich, thick and leaves an aftertaste that is indescribable, positively. It is quite unlike any other soup i've tried. "Jitokko" is a very valuable chicken brand in Japan, raised organically through strict quality controls and limited to a number of farmers. Quality stuff!

It's definitely a date place for a different experience. It's loyalty card is very different too. It's like a name card and you collect stamps to be promoted.
Despite the complimentary dessert less than a bite size, simple gestures makes customers happy!
The beauty hotpot is only available for dinner. Ramen for the beauty is available during lunch. Start queuing at 5.30pm or put your name on the waiting list while you go shopping. No reservations are allowed.

Tsukada Nojo
Plaza Singapura, #03-81

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