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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Things to do in Singapore and Gift Ideas.

Need another date idea? Take a trip to Mustafa. My friend told me that occasionally he susses out his first dates by asking if they'll venture down Little India. If they frown and don't seem too willing, he knows they're likely to be high maintenance, not quite his type.

Mustafa is like a Twilight Zone, one that is open 24 hours. No wonder some of my friends thought it to be a spot to show tourists. Multi-level shopping, you'll find a supermarket stocked with unimaginable variety that can't be found elsewhere. Occasionally, you'll find half bitten fruits in the baskets, if that's your kinda thing.
Nando restaurants only sell the Perri sauce, check out how much more there is in Mustafa!
The confectionary aisle beats even hypermarkets. A good place to buy Singapore souvenirs or presents for that Christmas office party where you have to give many. Do check for expiry dates though!                
For that colleague who has OCD.
Mustafa have an international selection. I was surprised to find this! When i saw it in London, i thought it was a vintage sweet. However, there is a stark difference in printing between the one here and the one from London. I was pleased to find one can that was already opened by a previous vandal (i wouldn't be able to do it, i am a prude) so i knew exactly how mint balls look like. They're cane sugar balls and they're as small as a mouse's testicles.
For that too talkative colleague who ought to keep their mouth full with balls.
 Visiting Singapore and expected to bring something home for not-so-favourite people? Find Singapore chocolate coins in packs of 10 for only 39 cents each. You get 90s prints of Singapore's tourist spots  like China Town, Jurong Bird Park and the Esplanade .
This reminds me of the badly photoshopped backdrop of Singapore, found in a shop in Little India.
I am not surprised to find Mustafa immortalised as one of the icons, as it's most likely printed and produced by the innovative mall.

If collecting chocolates modelled every nation's icons is your thing, Singapore obviously has her offering.
My favourite item in the food department that would make a great souvenir or gift for overseas friends is the tea pack. India is known for their good tea leaves, so i'm sure the quality wouldn't be too bad.
A little pricier, at $12.
Some even come with premiums!
The range of Singapore souvenirs, is unimaginable.

For that action-packed colleague.

For that fat colleague.
For the times you need to give many but none are really worth investing? Mustafa's confectionary department offers many value packs, easily seperable and looking totally presentable! 
For the money faced friends. $5.90 for a pack of 5.
A lady bug at Coco Tree (exactly the same) costs $0.80 each, get 50 for only $6.15.
A shy school boy who wants to give a girl something on Valentine's Day? Give the entire class lady bugs but your special lady gets 3! Subtle enough and friendly for that student's pocket.

That dreaded party present exchange coming up? Head over to Mustafa for plenty of cheap gift ideas. Perfumes are perceived as expensive gifts, check out these ones at Mustafa for the cheapo you.
For that materialistic colleague at a not quite materialistic price $4.40
Want to hint something to that colleague you fancy? Do it at $4.40 too.
Want to hint to your boss you've had enough with uncooperative team members? Or are you the geek who wants to be an alpha male? Do it for $11.50, highly concentrated, guaranteed to attract you a herd of ladies, if not kill all surrounding men with the One Man Show.
Some men call their appendages Anacondas. Please don't spray the Cobra at your Anaconda.
Got a friend who fantasize being Rambo? Get him this super manly looking bottle. He'll wake up every morning, look in the mirror and feel like he's holding a grenade. 
If you're feeling nostalgic and want that scent you grew up with, check Mustafa before giving up.
Very retro make-up box sets.
 Please remember to check expiry dates also.

For that girlfriend who wants CHANEL but you can't afford right now? For $28, you get 1 Swarvoski crystal too wor!
The variety of perfumes in Mustafa is unimaginable. Can't sleep? Go knock out your senses.

Apparently, there're other people who can't sleep too! I thought i saw an obscene flasher.
 Alas, it was just a tester. Like Yoko Yoko, this is for you to rub neck aches and pain.
Got a fun-loving grandma? This would suit an Asian grandma better. More subtle.

Most products are imported from India, i didn't know facial hair dye even existed! Unimaginable.
He looks really really smart!
Then, there is also the electronics, clothing and pretty much everything else department. You know they say soon everyone will either marry an Indian or a Chinese right? I am sincerely impressed how our Indians like the Chinese are highly creative, innovative with high efficiency before you can even say Y2K.
Making fun of mobile apps, a huge thing these days.
I wasn't joking about Mustaf being a budget friendly date location. Check out their newly open rooftop restaurant! Serving Indian cuisine at reasonable prices, spend $50 instead of $200 at 1-Altitude.
Dine under the moonlight with unobstructed views.
It's definitely unimaginable to find this spot. It took us quite awhile to navigate ourselves in that huge mall where you need to pass the clothing department, pass the supermarket, find the lift that takes you to 7th floor.
Go, find the unimaginable at the Twilight Zone.

Be naughty ;p


Anonymous said...

Love the polka dot skirt!!!
And I've always wanted to isit 1-Altitude but haven't got the $$$. Will drag my friends to try this rooftop place out. Thanks for this Christine! :D


Xtine said...

Hey Shu! I hope you discover gems of your own there! I found the ambience comparable to fine dining restaurants in the sky. I don't know about the quality of food though, coz i didn't eat but only had a Lassi. So do share your thoughts!

Muhammad Atif said...

These advertisements got good collection of gifts.

pakistan gifts said...

These are all very nice collections of gift.

pakistan gifts said...

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sophiesmum said...

The peri peri sauce shelf made me laugh! I love Singapore! It is so diverse! I did find it hard getting people gifts in Singapore...despite the millions and millions of shops!! But then I struggle whatever city I am in!

For anybody who is looking to go, I stayed in this great serviced apartment:

Anyone who is going, make sure you take a trip on the outdoor elevator! A great experience.

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