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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Secret about Hair Sciences

Dear Diary, I just found out that i've been DOING IT WRONG!

I thought applying hair masks religiously gives my hair what it needs to be shinny, healthy and bouncy.

Little did i know that targeting the hair scalp where hair grows from should be the way to go!

Since finding out that secret, i've been visiting Hair Sciences in Orchard.

Hair Sciences customizes treatment to treat my individual needs and problems. Using a combination of the Western technology and Asian premium plant extracts “Pureria Mirifica” also known as “Miracle Maker” that stimulate hair growth, color and strength.

My hair used to be waist length. I would get a handful of hair strands whenever i wash, comb or simply run my fingers through. So much that my ex boyfriend laments he has to vacuum after my visit. I carefully counted how much i actually drop and i was relieved to know 80-100 falls within the norm.

Still, i would rather not drop any than to be dropping the average.

So i chopped off my dry ends and "restarted". At the same time, i embarked on the Hair Sciences journey. DR. I. SANDFORD SCHWARTZ, known as "Dr. Sandy" is the R&D consultant behind the success of Hair Sciences. Dr Sandy has been involved in nutritional research, therapeutics and alternative healing for more than 3 decades. For the past 9 years, Dr Sandy has been dedicating his time to the studying of a plant that only grows in Thailand named ‘Pueraria Mirifica’. In Latin, mirifica means “miracle maker”.

This root stimulates the growth and color of our hair follicles. It also restores the lost vibrance, hair and radiance with no side effects, no hormones and no harsh chemical substances.

Since the start of treatment (6th session now), i don't even drop more than 20 strands a day now. Cutting my hair shorter (lighter) could be one of the reasons, but i bet Hair Sciences played a part too.

Quote "Chrispytine Blog" for a complimentary customized scalp treatment with head and shoulder massage worth $360.

Terms & Conditions:
·       Valid till 31st August 2012
·       Valid for Singapore NRIC/PR/EP holders only
·       Valid for female & Male customers aged 23 years and above, and strictly by appointment only
·       Customer has to arrive 30min before appointment time for the complimentary hair & scalp analysis.
·       Call 6100 1698 for appointment.


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