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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Future Space, a dessert exhibition.

Speaking of the future, a pretty cool exhibition i attended awhile back at Food Revolution.
The exhibit was by Janice Wong of 2AM Dessert Bar. Using dessert to express art, it was revolutionary and creative! I love it but the taste was disappointing.

The entrance was a dark corridor, it was quite a thrill! Not knowing what to expect, we felt our way and found a lighted box with crisps that was tasteless.
 You eat off walls and pretty much anything within reach.
 Like the marshmallow "ceiling" inspired by Mother Nature, icicles. It tasted like toothpaste.
 Then there's the Cognac circles there are again tasteless gummy.
 But very very creative to use food and make it look like art.


Shyanne Browning said...

when was this! so sad i missed it...

Xtine said...

It was in apr under a food fair in suntec. But its ticketed,wasn't cheap. Was really cool and innovative but don't think was worth the price.

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